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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program-Sharing Timeline here please



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Oct 4, 2017
Hello everyone, called to IRCC they said we sent you an email that was a portal, unfortunately I didn't receive that yet. anybody know if someone have been through this same condition? Please let me know. I just requested them to resend that about 2 weeks ago but thay said we can't tell you how many days it'll take you just have to be patient.
Did you check you junk/spam folder? At times you get it there.
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Oct 14, 2021
Hello good people, I already applied for AIPP.I am just wondering if I get a job offer from other company in Newfoundland and leave my designated company will that be a problem for processing my PR?
I think they will ask for an employee reference letter just before they give you the ecopr just to make sure that you still work with the designated employer. It is better to stick with the current designated employer .
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Feb 2, 2018
have u done the biometrics? I had the medical done upfront also.
I'm inland so i don't need biometrics or medical as i already had done when i applied my study permit.

It's wierd that they approved my medical when i got AOR and now the status went from approved to we do no need medical at this time. i don't know if they'll request it again.