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  1. can I apply for canadian Asylum from my home country
  2. No.
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    First, you must have extensive Documentation on how your life is impossible in your country and your life is directly threatened. No newspapers, documentaries or other general material. This MUST be specific police reports, doctors records etc. Then are you sure there is NOWHERE in you country where you will be safe. Come on, nowhere REALLY!? Also Asylum is not for bad conditions, or too few jobs or a pushy government. NONE of these will be accepted!! Finally you will have to appear in Court with experts on your Country in attendance. Still want to try for asylum? One way is to get to Canada and claim...,almost impossible. The other is to leave your country apply to the UNHCR as a refugee and wait. You may NOT be sent to Canada however. Better to go to school get advanced degrees and diplomas and try that way. Very few, very, very few are accepted for Asylum. You also can not illegally work in Canada as we have our S.I.N. system. It picks out illegals for deportation. Do not believe the incorrect stories of immigration lawyers at home. You chances are very low. The actual numbers are below:


    For direct immigration use this tool: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/come-canada-tool.html

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