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Assets and Money Question for Self-Employed Application


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Apr 1, 2020
We JUST began our application (we live in the States currently) with the lawyer under the Self-employed immigration stream.
We are a family of 5, which I know they require over $20,000 in liquid assets/cash for that.
We have that, but I'm curious if they considered ROTH-IRA's or money market investment accounts as assets/money in this case? We can access them,there's just a penalty for using them.


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Sep 16, 2016
You don't need to have a minimum asset or net worth for self-employed class. You must prove you have settlement fund for entire family plus startup costs to launch your self-employment journey in Canada depends on the business plan that you have. On that point you may get credits from the assets you may have. If you have retained the service of a lawyer, trust him!