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Are bank statements from home country accepted as POF?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by ba24123n, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. Hello, I read somewhere in this forum only that it is better to open an account at Scotiabank or any other Canadian bank, transfer the funds and then get a balance statement. As balance statements from that of one's home country are not accepted by the officer during landing formalities ? Is that true ?

    Also, I got to show an amount of 13000 CAD as proof of funds. Can that be in cash that I carry+bank account (or) only in bank account and get more seperately in cash ? The reason I am asking is, can I first deposit the 13000 in bank, get a statement and then withdraw some of it in cash ? Or the entire 13000 has to be in a bank account ?
  2. Not true, can be in any country/currency as long as you have documents to prove you have access

    Can be in any form with updated documentation (cash, banking statements, etc)

    Also as a practical matter, most of the folks are let in just based on verbal answers
  3. No you can even login to your banking app. In my case, no one asked us for that.

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