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Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by chi89, May 9, 2019.

  1. ano na po status? review of eligibility na po ba kayo?
  2. Hello, I am applying for WP as well from UAE and no updates yet. My app will be 24 weeks this week, review of eligibility and the background checks are still in process :(
  3. Hello po, my updates na po ba sa mga my APPLY NG SOWP??
  4. hello, ako Work permit apply ko pero 25 weeks na ako this week wala pa din :(
  6. chi89 Plan ko din pumunta ng SG to wait my permit. I’m here in saudi but I already resigned. I already exceeded the time frame but Til now no update yet. May VFS ba jan sa SG for the visa stamping?
  7. I'm in UAE po, c sunshine yung nsa sg
  8. hello, yes po may IRCC po dito sa SG for visa stamping. Kaso ni medical wala pa ako request, tagal ko na dito sa SG, nung June1 pa, hay.
  9. Hi!! any news?? my na apporve na po ba from this thread?? UAE applicants??
  10. Miss sunshine any update po sa visa mo? Approved kana po ba?
  11. hello there,
    hala wala pa nga po, 26 weeks na ako this week, wala pa din kht ano. hindi ko alam kung ano na nangyayari sa application ko, grabe nmn tlg ang tagal, huhu. ung sau kmusta na?
  12. Til now wala pang update. 10weeks na tomorrow. Caregiver Ka din ba?
  13. opo, caregiver din apply ko, tagal tagal na nga nung sakin eh, hay
  14. kumusta,mine just got approved june 27.
  15. i applied Nov. 19, 2018 and just got approved June 27

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