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April 2019 applications

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by shyness, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. which checkbox?
  2. My ECAS went to “In Progress” on April 15-2019. Can anyone please update the sheet ?

    ID: waitstartedaug13
    Location : Scarborough
    Physical Presence : 1456
    Type of Application : Single
    App Sent : 02-April-2019
    App Received : 05-Apr-2019
    AOR Received : 10-Apr-2019
    ECAS In Process: 15-Apr-2019
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  3. ID: lysimmi
    Location: Montreal
    Physical presence: 1098
    Type of application: Single
    App sent: 12-April-2019
    App Received: 16-April-2019
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  4. Location: Whitby
    Type of Application: Single
    Application Sent: April 11th
    Application Received: April 12th
    Physical Presence: 1097 days
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  5. #65 psc, Apr 17, 2019 at 6:22 PM
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    Location: Toronto
    App sent : April 2
    App delivered: April 4
    Type of application: Single
    Physical presence : 1109

    Hi, please add me to the list.
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  6. When is it safe to say your application will not be returned? At what stage?
  7. Only when you receive AOR(Acknowledgment of Receipt) of the application. AOR is currently taking 50-70 days after the application is received in Sydney.
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  8. Wow..so fast. Did you request for urgent processing?
  9. Hi guys. I wonder..did you fill up application forms by yourself or with the help of someone?
  10. Most people I know did it themselves. In my case I had to fill only one form per Adult or kid and the rest were supporting docs. Some people will need more but you got to follow the check-list.
  11. App delivered this morning
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  12. Sent app- april 15
    Received- april 18
  13. Yes. I requested for urgent processing.
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  14. #74 brandon.smith, Apr 20, 2019 at 12:55 PM
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    App sent: 20th April 2019
    App received: 22nd April 2019
    Location Brampton
    Physical Presence: 1104
  15. Please add me to the list

    ID: bazinga21
    Location: Brampton
    App sent : April 5
    App received: Pending
    Type of application: Family
    Physical presence : 1128
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