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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Hi Mr legalfalcon,
    My demand is just over 6 mounths, and lately, by two times, i have called the CIC center, i have been told that :
    1) the eligibility is passed;
    2) the security check is passed;
    3) the criminality check is not started.

    is the situation logical ? cause what i understood from you that the security is let at the end.

  2. Hi all
    ITA 20th march
    Planning to submit documents by april end
    Pls add me to the whatsapp group
  3. ITA on Feb 20, submitted docs on April 4
  4. @legalfalcon can you please add me to the Whatsapp group?
  5. @legalfalcon kindly add me to the whatsapp group too. Thanks.
  6. My application received on 25th feb..aor 1 april..2nd april Medical request..done medical on 4th april..received eligibility letter to my sponsor..what to expect next ??please suggest
  7. Kindly add me to the whatsapp group. April 2019 AOR.
  8. Please add me in the AOR - April 2019 whatsup group.
  9. Hi All,

    ITA Feb 20
    AOR 9 Apr

    Please add me to the WhatsApp group @legalfalcon
  10. @legalfalcon
    Hi pls add me to whatsapp group. ITA April 3, AOR April 11.
  11. @legalfalcon thanks for creating the group.. Thumbs up . Please add me to the whatsapp group
  12. @legalfalcon can i also be added as well please
  13. HI All,

    EE: 30 DEC 2018
    PNP NOMINATION: 15 March 2019
    ITA: 20 March 2019
    AOR: 10 April 2019

    I have a question I made a mistake and uploaded a scan black and white usa pcc. will my case get rejected ? is there a way to fix it?
  14. PNP CEC Applicant here
    AOR April 9, 2019
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