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April 2018 - Citizenship Applicant

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Libu, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. Hi all April - 2018 applicants please share your timeline here.

    I am creating this thread to gather all the members or anyone who wants to share his/her experience for citizenship or provide some guidance.

    Any feedback in this regard would be highly appreciated.
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  2. Please add me to the tracker
    id: xylene
    Location: Oshawa
    App.Type: Family of 3
    Physical Presence Days: 1362
    App Sent: Apr 02, 2018
    App Recd:
    In Process:
    Test Invite:
    Test date:
    Decision Made ECAS:
    Oath Letter:
    Oath Date:
  3. Good luck Xylene!

    Since, the moderator of the Spreadsheet is away till April 8th, will update your details later.
  4. Added till the group gets an admin for this month. Good luck!
  5. Thanks. Fingers crossed!
  6. Hello Everyone,

    Please see my application details below;

    Application sent: 02 April, 2018
    Application received: Expected delivery 6th April, 2018.
    Location: Toronto
    Total Physical Presence days: 1097,

    I will keep updating status of my application.
  7. Updated! Goodluck...
  8. I will submit my application on April 16th and will update here
  9. Please add my wife to the spreadsheet for this month:

    id: ninocikap
    Location: Calgary
    App.Type: Single
    Physical Presence Days: 1106
    App Sent: Apr 02, 2018
    App Recd: Expected on April 09
    In Process:
    Test Invite:
    Test date:
    Decision Made ECAS:
    Oath Letter:
    Oath Date:

  10. Added! Goodluck...
  11. Hi All ,
    I have to file my citizenship in April 12, 2018
    I am Pakistan and done Master in Computer Science. I have a question, my wife completed Bachelor In Arts from Pakistan and she is a homemaker (housewife). Is Bachelor of Arts is good for citizenship English requirement or she has to do something like IELTS or CELPIP-G
  12. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=571&top=5&_ga=2.44284964.1435957644.1522789777-852654691.1522789777

    What documents can I use to prove that I meet the citizenship language requirement?

    You can send us one of a number of different documents to show that you meet the language requirement, including:

    For information on other forms of proof accepted, see:

    You need to reach level 4 or higher to apply for citizenship. We use your documents to determine if you have reached this level for speaking and listening in English or French.
  13. Hi Mario_AB , i am also from Pakistan, what is education status at your end, Mean your and Spouse education, so i get some update , Thanks

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