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Apr, May2017-NDVO applicants- Waiting for MR

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by civiluv24, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. This forum is created for New Delhi Visa office Apr and May applicants waiting for MR. Please update here once MR received.
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  2. Any update Apr applicants on medical request?
  3. Dear NDVO applicants- once MR request is received please update here. Other threads created are a mixture of different countries and hence unable to distinguish. Other Visa Offices operate faster than NDVO. So only NDVO applicants please update here.
  4. My file recived first week of June & waiting for medical from NDVO
  5. April - 11 ......................

    Waiting For Medical QSW..
  6. Thanks guys.. atleast we can track from here when MR received..
  7. Hello frnd

    My file received in june 2017 n ft to new delhi in sep 2017. Waiting for mr?
    Hope we all get mr before 15 jan 2018
  8. There are some advantage of late MR as well. No risk of re-medical, if PR get late.
  9. But Ashu these people do not adhere to timelines.. 17Jan 2018 i complete 6 months post AOR2. Am sure to get PPR it will take more than 6 months..am not sure when medicals will come even.. hoping for the best..
  10. If that is the case, did you write GCMS notes? Then why till now no PPR received. If you say is true then i will do that.. But from the forums i can understand that they take their own lovely time to give PR, whether you give GCMS notes or not. Its ones luck.
  11. Because I did not know this trick earlier.. so I didn't apply. Those who apply have succeeded .
  12. Okie Ashu thank you, i will do that once i receive the medical request . In case of your help i will get in touch with you..

    Hope those who are waiting for visa get their PPR by this week and we get the medicals.
  13. Chances r there for us to get medical in january?
  14. No idea. It would be good if we get...
  15. NDVO please give us medical we are in the queue too, six months from AOR GOD know what's going on. I read they give today 10+PPR but don't know who they are. EE applicant or paper base when they apply no information don't know whether it's true or fake

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