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Approved TRV- Saudi Arabia

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Teolo28, Dec 4, 2018.

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    Applied Online-Oct31, 2018 (Jeddah)
    Eligibility started Nov25, 2018
    Approved: Original passport request Dec 4, 2018

    I will travel for vacation on dec13-28 and be back on dec30. I will submit my passport when i come back from vacation. I dont want to take risk since my vacation is nextweek maybe my pp will not return immediately..

    Goodluck for those who are waiting...

  2. Congratulaions!!

    But make sure for Embassy/VFS holidays it is Christmas and New Year. You have 30 days to submit from today.
  3. Hi, ommg thanks for reminding me.. i dont know if embassy will close since they are based in saudi arabia..i might submit this tomorrow...
  4. Congratulations , today i ask you about your case , good news man.
    im waiting my request :(
  5. Yes, i replied from that thread.. but this afternoon i received an email.. soon you will be approved.. from where u applied?
  6. Alkhobar - Eastern province since 29 Oct 2018
  7. Eligibility started? coz mine started nov25.. my application was ahead two days from yours.. hopefully u will have a result maximum nextweek.

    have faith.
  8. @Angel man any update please ?
    Did you receive any thing did you apply online or paper based.
  9. Applied online , still no update till today ,
  10. Congratulations once again LUCKY one and good luck hope you will get until pp expiry i guess you can see in your account? or it is not visible yet?
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  11. Paitence is a KEY @Teolo28 case was different as he was granted visa last year as well
  12. Thank you., still it's not visible in my account.. maybe because my passport is still with me.i will submit end of this month after my vacation.
  13. Why not now i submitted like on 8th feb and got it back by 12th
  14. I am travelling on 12th and I am afraid if i could not get my passport back.. my approved letted dtd dec4.. and I am already on dec30.
  15. so you can ask them and submit pp in US as well i think better get stamp or holidays might put you in trouble anyways Good Luck Glad for you
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