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applying from Egypt with kids

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Rubymom, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. hey everyone, im new to the forum and would like to have few questions answered about applying for tourist visa to Canada from Egypt
    I already have valid B2 visa and travelled to USA twice before but without my children as i already had the first visa years before getting married.
    Now my husband who is US citizen want to visit canada with his father who is also a US citizen and i want to apply for myself and my children to join them for two weeks visit in Toronto.
    Im afraid we get denied coz im travelling with all of my children -note that i have 3 kids all under 6 yrs old and will have new baby soon - is this a weak point in the application? My kids don have US visa and never travelled before .
    I cannot leave my children alone or even with a relative as they are the main cause of the trip is to meet their grandfather who never met them in canada and we will not relocate to usa soon . he is end stage of colon cancer and US immigration takes a lot of time and he are not allowed for long trip flights to visit us. How my father in law situation might help us in the canadian visa application ? Should we include his hospital reports .
    And if my husband can enter Canada without visa or ETA ,should he be the main applicant for us in canadian temp visa or i can be the main applicant formyself and the kids ?
    Do they require marriage certificate or just the kids passports and birth certificates?
    Should we include my husband US passport copy ?
    I know lots of questions and hope for your help .thank you
  2. Will your kids also be travelling to the US? If so IMO they should try for their US visas first before you all apply for Canada.

    Your husband does not need an eTA or a TRV for Canada. He should not be a TRV applicant at all. You will be the primary applicant with your children as dependents.

    Note that success in a TRV application is about proving ties to Egypt rather than justifying why you need to go to Canada—appeals to sympathy (your FIL’s condition) do not work.

    Besides, why do you need to go with them to Canada? Can’t you visit them in the United States as you have the visa there? Just IMO, your chances for a TRV are very low.
  3. Do you intend to visit Canada for birth tourism?

    IMO, the chances of TRV approval for yourself and your children are low. It is understandable that you cannot leave your very young kids behind with someone else.

    That said, Canada and the US share immigration information. So it would seem unusual that your husband has not petitioned you and your children so far.

    Your husband cannot invite you for TRVs because he does not have any Canadian status per se
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  4. No neither me nor my kids will travel to US,i have ties to egypt of a government job and i care for my father as i live with him and own a clinic and apartment .i got my us visa twice and already travelled when i was pregnant and came back to give birth in my country .it isnotjust we will travel to see my FIL it will also be a vacation of 10-14 days.
  5. No i will travel AFTER i give birth ,i just commented that i travelled to usa when i was 6 months pregnant and came back to give birth in my country .and i have the birth certificate and admission date to prove it ,FYI ,US visa i s much harder to get and everybody knows that plus canada and usa DO NOT share Green card holders or citizens immigration info it is just data base of non immigrant applicants .and i have my life in egypt and not willing to immigrate to usa even if i can .thx for reply
  6. It would be quite a while before you can apply if this is the case. Your circumstances might change in the meanwhile + you would need to factor in time to get your new baby's passport/ wait until the infant is a bit more strong to travel instead of traveling shortly after his/her birth.

    FYI, Canada TRVs are much more harder to get than US visas.

    I did not say anything about Canada and the US sharing information on green card holders/citizens in my previous post. But, a request for your non-immigrant information would automatically be sent to US authorities when you apply for a TRV.

    In fact, it does not even require an information request to US immigration to know whether or not your husband has petitioned you and your kids. This information would be provided by you in the Family Information form + other documents
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