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Applying for work permit and permanent residency at the same time

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by krstn29, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. Hi. I am applying for a work permit through an agency. I already have a positive LMIA and a job offer. Would it be okay to apply for a permanent residency through express entry while my work permit is still in process?
  2. Yes - you can apply for Express Entry now.

    Be careful when dealing with agencies. Most are scams.
  3. My future employer was the one who got the assistance of the agency, same agency who helped him process the LMIA.
    Should the details in my work permit exactly be the same as that in my express entry? In my work permit, under the question 'how many funds in canadian dollar do I have', I answered 2500cad since the agency said that available funds is not really a requirement for a work permit but it will be used only as a bonus point. In my express entry app, I need to have at least 19400CAD to be eligible for PR app since I have two children.
  4. Also, I'm planning to retake my IELTS hopefully to have a higher score so that I can gain higher or additional point in my express entry. Do I have to update the IELTS score in my work permit application too?
  5. Hiw was it? Did you apply for Express entry while applying for work permit?
  6. I waited for my work permit to be approved before I applied for pr through express entry.
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  7. How long did it took you for work permit approval?
  8. It took only a month..
  9. Hi, is you PR app already approved? Did they reconsidered your biometrics?
  10. My pr app is still on process. According to an agent I talked to, since I am already in Canada, I don't have to submit another biometric, although I am still not sure about it. Will order gcms note for me to know the real status of my application.
  11. I just got a reply from IRCC and it says biometrics is required for me and my dependent. Permanent residence applicants must submit biometrics in each application regardless of possible previous biometrics on file.
  12. Are you already inside Canada?
  13. Yes, last Oct 19. And I received the BIL last Nov 5 and my deadline will be on dec 6.

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