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Applying for Express Entry while having expired PR as i didnt meet RO.

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by subash_bala, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Hi,

    My PR Card expired in 2010 . I stayed only 500 days and could not satisfy RO as i had to leave to take care of my sick parents . I could never think of going back seeing that i needed to stay with my parents.
    Now i have gotten married (no kids) and would like to come back and settle in Canada .

    1) Reading through all the posts here , i understand i have very slim chances of entering through H&C grounds , as it has been more than 6 years since my PR Expired , even if i have evidence to show my parents were sick. Also I would also like to sponsor my wife and i believe that cannot happen until after 2 years when i have my PR ( that is, if i am not reported while entering ) . So this is not an option to pursue , unless anyone here thinks i have a chance . Do you guys think i have chance of winning an appeal if i am reported while entering Canada by road ( i have a US Visa) ? I still have my SIN Card and Bank Accounts.

    2) If i apply for Express Entry (i have enough points to qualify) , what happens to my expired PR ? I understand that an expired PR Card does not mean my status has expired .
    3) So do i just go ahead an apply for express entry without bothering about my expired PR?
    4) Do i need to cancel my PR Explicitly ? If i do this, how long will this take ? I don't want it to affect my Express Entry Application.
    5)Should apply for a PRTD which will prove that i didnt meet RO and hence my PR should be revoked ? Again how long will this take ? I don't want it to affect my Express Entry Application.
    6) Will the fact that i had a PR previously and did not meet RO affect my current Express Entry application ?

    As you can see, i want to pursue the quickest and safest way with express entry application without any delays .
  2. You have to formally renounce your PR status before you can apply for Express Entry. If you apply for EE without renouncing PR, your application will be automatically refused. Renouncing can take a few weeks/months - so you want to do that immediately.

    No - the fact you previously did not meet RO will not impact your current EE application.
  3. Thank You Scylla. After renouncing, how would i know officially that my PR has been cancelled ? Do i receive an official letter from CIC? or do i keep emailing them to find out ?
  4. At the very least, if you have reasonable grounds, I would try for a PRTD under H&C first with your evidence of taking care of your parents. At the very least, they may accept it and you would be allowed to renew your PR and sponsor your family. If it's rejected and you don't appeal, your PR would automatically be revoked in 30 days.
  5. @Buletruck Apologies for my very late reply . So as per your post , if i did try for PRTD under H&C and it was rejected ...then my PR would automatically revoked in 30 days . Will this revoking create problems if i apply for EE ? Or would i be better off NOT applying for PRTD itself and just cancel the PR
  6. Either way works and you won’t be penalized, If you do qualify for PR and have a CRS score over 460 you may want to renounce and apply again. All it will do is save you time.

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