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Applying for a PR Card in Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by WednesdayBlues, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Hello All, CIC requested for my photos a couple of times when i was in India. I received a message the first time that my photos were rejected but then the second time, i did not even get any update. I followed up with courier to see if the photos were actually delivered, while it was, there wasn’t any update from CIC.

    I applied for PRTD and made the land to BC couple of weeks ago. Now, I intend to apply for PR card while I am still here. I have got the application form for PR card, the checklist and the photographs with specs. Question is - should i pay the fee of $50 for application processing fee? I did not pay any the last 2 times so thought i would get clarified. Since I am in Vancouver, is it possible to walk up to one of the government offices and submit my application as opposed to courier/mail ? Appreciate your help as always!
  2. Has the previous application been denied already? If so you will need to pay the fees with the new application. If the previous application is still pending, you may be able to send the photos again and add address notification.
  3. I am not sure if the previous application was denied entirely. Is there anyway to validate this?
  4. You can link it in your MyCIC account or call them to find out.
  5. Ok so, i was able to link my account and there as an update that i see which says my PR card was despatched on March 15th 2019 and that it might take 6 weeks to reach the address. Even though it’s been a few months, i checked with the folks that stays in the address i gave and they said they never received the package and it’s best if i reached out to immigration immediately. Should i head to CIC office and explain about this? I am not exactly sure where I should be heading to right now.

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