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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by fma, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. ;D ;D
  2. my draft was encashed on 8th feb
  3. hi,

    i just have a doubt.The medical request,passport request everything comes together or seperate?

    pls tell me


  4. regards
  5. Hello,

    Thank you for the +1

    You are always welcome...
    Yeah all set, heart beats are high, it's a weird feeling sometimes a little afraid sometimes lot confident... ufff ....

    Anyways would surely put the landing details ...

    Further info when I'll land...

    Actuall I spoke about this forum to the mentor's of CIIP, that this forum has actually helped me a lot & made good friends even...

    Take care
    God Bless
  6. Hi,

    Can anyone predict when will I receive passports from NDVO and what may be the reason for delay.

    I would be greatful for all comments.

    Interview done: 24th Oct
    Meds Issued: 4th Nov
    InProcess: 5th Nov
    Meds Done: 15th Nov
    PP, RPRF Reached VO: 17th Nov
    Meds reached VO: 25th Nov
    RPRF encashed: 30th Nov

    "Medical received" line added: Not yet
    Visa Issued: Not yet

  7. :D :D I told you that they are indicating your new address of stay to keep you cool.
    Your DD encashment supports me. :D :D
  8. congratulations!!!!
  10. Hi forum friends!

    My brother in law also wants to apply for PR. Im posting his query, if any one can guide.

    (I am fashion graduate and working as a garment production manager and product manager from past 6-7 years as a free lancer. Also I am associated few companies where I visit as a trainer for staff in the same trade. Here I would like to ask do I qualify to immigrate to Canada presently? Also if some one can guide me the way through. )

  11. u have missed my one post where i informed forum today that my ecas is showing DM
    :p :p :p
  12. Congratulation to every one who received good news !

    Those waiting my best wishes to you all...

    Param did you send them a CSE, if yes then what is the reply ?

    Also have you checked with DMP about report delivery or the AWB no sent by DMP.

    There seems to be some misplacement in your medical report, no other reason could delay..

    I wish and hope you get your PP's back soon.. :)
  13. good to see you back Sonir :)
  14. i also feel that CSE will solve this problem very soon
  15. Hey Param,

    My apologies in advance if I increase ur worries. But I genuinely feel that it is high time ur ECas showed the "Medicals have been Received" line. It seems like an unusual delay. As u knw the delay in my case ws caused by an incorrect amount sent for RPRF. A CSE is the best method to voice ur concerns and I am sure the VOs go thru all the CSEs as the communication I got 4m the VO ws timed as a reply to my CSE. Contacting ur DMP will also clear the ambiguity. Gud luck 2 u nd hv faith, nd explore all the possibilities abt wht went wrong with ur file.



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