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##### Applicants VO Vienna please join #####

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Europe' started by hrc, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Hi Everybody,

    This is an invitation for all applicants that belongs to visa office in Vienna to
    share their application status in order to make our waiting easier.

  2. Hey, just wondering, did you send your passport in or go in person to Vienna?
  3. Hi,

    I went in Vienna in person.

  4. Was it finished by 3PM? I am wondering because we are going in person also, wondering what to expect..what did they do when you got there? Did you need to give them a copy of your passport?
  5. There is already a thread on the Vienna Office under Family Class sponsorship. Join us!
  6. Hi,

    Passport pick up was from 3PM until 4PM.
    I remember that we were finished around 15:45.

  7. My husband mailed in his passport and it came back in 10 days! The whole sponsorship process took around 5 months.
  8. Cleo,
    5 month with Mississauga, or just Vienna time ?
  9. FSW1 Vienna VO here ;)
  10. Brate kade mozam da gi vidima profeesiite sto gi baraat vo kanada: Soprugata sredna skola Medicina - Visoka Skola Praven
    Jas Sredno Geodetski Tehnicar dali moze da mi kazis vo koja kategorija na profeesi spagame pozz
  11. Do 1Juli 2012 nema nisto, aposle se ocekuvaat nekoi novi pravila pa ke vidime. A skinati se i professite od www.cic.gc.ca bidejki kvotata e popolneta za ovaa godina.
  12. Hello everybody! I am PR in Canada from 2009, and now I invited my parents to came in visit. They are citizen of Montenegro and have to send application to Vienna. We already finished all the procces but now we have to pay in financial instruments ``drawn by a canadian bank`I suppose that it means that I have to pay it here, but it will took 10 days for them to receive original paper and it is urgent to send an application. Does anyone knows how it is going on?
  13. Can you just send draft with Fedex directly to Vienna, it costs around 90 dollars and they will deliver it in 2-3 business days
  14. Hi guys!

    As you know from May Belgrade VO and Berlin VO was shut down, so now all tourist visas from Germany and Balkan go trough Vienna VO. This situation is especially bad now because of summer time and lot of tourists ??? Also FSW applicants from Berlin VO go trough Vienna VO. All of this make Vienna VO slow in solving MI3 or earlier applicant. Before this changes Vienna VO was fast,for example their processing times for Medical Request was around 2 months after receiving PER.

    Does anybody know what situation is now? What files they are working on now? Any news or information about Vienna VO?? :'(

  15. Hello trying,

    U and I are more or less on the same time and pace at the Vienna office. My summary as at now is as follows:
    Application Rcvd (CIO) - April 2
    PER (CIO) - April 11
    AOR (VO) - May 15

    Originally, I belong to the Berlin office but now it's Vienna
    I agree that Vienna would slow down now, of course they would be busier than before. 2 months after PER? that was fast. Based on that, we can assume that the current processing time after PER would be 4 months? U agree

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