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Appearing for the citizenship test - only have copy of landing paper

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by carbo, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone
    Im finally taking the exam this week, the problem is the original landing document is not with me... Will a copy suffice, can i ask to send the original next week? Will i not be allowed to take the exam?
    What would have happened if i had actually lost it?
  2. Just thought i would clarify,
    I do have my PR card. it's the original IMM 5292 COPR i am missing at the moment; but i do have its photocopy.
  3. They will ask for it at the interview. What happened to your original copy?
  4. It's at my grandparent's house which i dont have access to until after the exam... I do have a photocopy, amd i know it's there, so i dont want to file for a lost COPR and a police report... I hope they will understand (I called CIC and seems like it might be OK, but each agent can be different!)
  5. I had the same problem, before the test the examiner was reviewing what we needed for the exam and interview. She mentioned that if we didn't have our COPR now, it shouldn't be a problem, but there will be no exceptions in the oath. Just have a copy ready with you (colored preferred).

    Also, please don't hold me responsible if they've changed the rules, I did my test in Jan of 2016, and things might have changed since then.
  6. For the test, it might not be much of an issue as they might have already confirmed the COPR data available with them. Still, every office and officer might not be the same and can ask for a declaration or any other during interview. During my test day, I have seen a lady saying that she dont have the original COPR and could see a long talk with someone at CIC - dont know what really happened afterwards.
    If by any chance, it is lost forever, you can apply for a copy from CIC and the proof of receipt could be shown for the interview.
  7. My wife's COPR was also missing and we had to present colored copy (printed from the scanned copy that was done before it got missing). The officer that examined our original document after the test last week said it's ok. She said we could also present the colored copy during Oath. But she advised to apply for a copy from CIC, because it would be useful in future after retirement (when applying for CPP and similar benefits).
  8. Thanks, the officer and I had a very friendly interview (knew people in common), and she didn't even ask to see the copy or the original. I imagine they only need to see this for visual verification, they do not put it in a file or anything.
    hope this helps anyone wondering.

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