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Appeal Allowed Overseas Family Class CPC Mississauga Applicant Connect Here

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by yoge, Aug 21, 2019.

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    Here is our story
    we met online in Facebook later 2013 And Married 2016-Nov
    We Applied For PR 2017-Feb And Package Return Same Month For Incomplete Application Package
    After We send Our Complete Package On March And Received by CPC-M Same Month.
    Sponser Approved in Mid April
    SCH A And PCC Uploaded Via Gc Key Mid Of May
    First Medical Request Sep-2017
    Medical Passed 20-Sep-2017
    i had my interview 13-March-2018
    Application Refuse For Non Genuine Marriage
    Refusal Letter Came 2018-04-11

    Appeal Filled 2018-Apr-11
    IAD Confirm - 2018-May-19
    Full Hearing Schedule 2019-May-23 @EdMontOn.
    Appeal Won 2019-June-14
    File Transfer To Appeal Allowed Overseas Family Class CPC Mississauga - 2019-July-29
    Updated Forms Medical And Pcc Request -2019-July-30
    Re-Medical Passed 2019-Aug-12
    Updated Forms and bio metric Fees Send 13-Aug-2019
    Bio Metric Complete 15-Aug-2019
    Background Check In Process 13-Aug-2019

    After That no Updated Any one have any idea when PPR Mail Come ?
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  2. anyone here with my timeline almost one month after medical passed
    no correspondence with cic-Mississauga
  3. Did you try calling cic? Theres quite a possibility that your application is going through security check.

  4. Hola.

    My process is with your same timeline but I wasn't refuse.
    I started the process on august 13th, 2018. And I just got a letter on august 22nd 2019 to summit the passports (me and my son 2years old).
    I submitted on august 23rd and I have not heard anything
  5. This is normal. It takes time for the PR visas to be issued.
  6. Omg yes... but I have read posts from many people here who have received it in 2 days or next 7 days
    Thank you for your answer scylla.
  7. yes they told just wait and how i know my file is security check ?
    what about your pr visa progress ? Did you hear anything From Cic?
  8. Why was your marriage deemed not genuine? Did they give you details? Good luck!
  9. Reason For Age Difference
  10. Sorry to hear! I hope you get your PR soon! :)
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  11. If you ask them,they will tell you that your security check is in process.

    My security check started on 12 june 2019 and its still going on.

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