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apartment rental in Mississauga

Discussion in 'Housing' started by paiting, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Hi there,

    Me and my wife plan to move to Mississauga and are wondering about the process of renting an apartment there. Would be most grateful if anyone can share on:

    i. How long in advance should I start looking for an apartment to rent?
    ii. How long is a typical rental period?
    iii. How much deposit will I have to pay?
    iv. What documentation is typically required from potential tenants?
    v. Any recommendations for neighborhoods that are safe, walking distance from GO station, parks, amenities?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. 1. Rental cycle is usually 60 days because you usually have to give 2 months notice before you leave even on a fixed term lease. If the apartment is empty you may be able to move in right away. All depends. It will be very hard to rent without being in Toronto.
    2.1 year which usually becomes month to month if you continue living there after 1 year.
    3. First and last's months rent. When you sign a lease you give then cheque/ money transfer for 2 months rent but they are used to pay the first month and last month's rent. There aren't any security deposit (at least in Ontario). You may be required to give a refundable deposit for something like a mailbox key.
    4. Usually basic information about job, previews addresses, references and a credit cheque.
    5. Many safe neighbourhoods. Think budget, availability and size of property will factor into that decision.

    Would try view.it and kijiji.
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  3. Thanks canuck78 and steaky!

    Sounds like short term rental initially is the way to go since the cycle is long.
  4. Landlords will be unlikely to rent without meetinf you in person. There isn't a huge excess of rentals so people can afford to be picky. You also want to protect yourself and see the place and neighbourhood.
  5. Are you sure? There are many out of province landlords who rent out their suites and houses. In that case, OP will be dealing with the property agency instead.
  6. Concur wholeheartedly- I just took up a luxury condo without meeting the landlord until after signing the tenancy agreement.
  7. Short term high cost rentals are usually available. That is essentially corporate rentals or airbnb. Often furnished. Market rate apartments in popular areas not so much.
  8. I really don't know how are you passing such ignorant comments- please don't pass comments based on your opinions. Back it up with facts.

    I know several condos in DownTown Toronto for 2k and above ready to be taken up- I myself got a long-term lease condo through a realtor.
  9. I am a landlord. You are talking about luxury condos. I assume you are talking about a 1 bedroom condo. 2k and above is the luxury market.
  10. I got a 2 bedroom one, and btw it wont be long before I purchase houses here. I understand how market dynamics work, and what you stated above are opinions and not facts.
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  11. Concur wholeheartedly.
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  12. Many people post on here wondering why they can't get any response from landlords when they try to secure a rental from abroad. It is also often best for the tenants to see what you are renting. Luxury market has different rules. Not sure what buying a house has anything to do with it. Huge risk to the landlord to rent to someone they can only vet on paper with only international information. The landlord and tenant act heavily favours the renter and you can go without payment for months. There is a pretty tight supply of decent quality affordable family housing. Luxury market has supply especially condo market.
  13. The risk are the same for renters, landlords and airbnb operators. For airbnb operators and landlords, huge risk to them to rent to someone they vet with domestic information:

  14. Also, many people post here because they want to buy house in Canada (sometimes from abroad). It is also often best for home purchasers to see what they are buying.

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