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Apartment/Condo in GTA for rent

Discussion in 'Housing' started by kaustubhsaha, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Can you plz share your experience
  2. Private landlord or property management?
  3. congratulations! can you talk a little bit more on your apartment? i have been trying to look for a decent housing in core downtown with no luck so far. the floor plans in some of the building are plain weird while the reviews (of management and general upkeep) of other buildings around waterfront are pretty poor. any tips would be helpful.. thanks!
  4. Property Management
  5. I got a bachelor studio ( larger than typical bachelor studio but smaller than a one bedroom apartment) near distillery district for 1850. Its a newly completed building ( construction finished in July 2018)
  6. If anyone is looking to share an apartment or rent starting march 2019 please let me know,in toronto
  7. Hi , I am looking for single room and utilities(kitchen, wash, others) either separate or sharable in GTA region. I will rent out immediately for 3 months or pay monthly.
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  8. When do you want to rent and where?
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