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AOR JAN 2016 - let's get together

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. Sent the passport to NDVO on 1st March. Today I'm seeing my application has been closed, BG check completed and Application has been approved. Timelines in my signature. Waiting for COPR and passports back..
  2. Congratulations :)
  3. Hi RKCK,

    am Also in same situation but my wife did chest x-ray @ 5months and was submitted along with our application.. will this also delay our PPR ?
  4. Yes. They will not proceed without the chest x-ray. Our baby was born 3 weeks before the due date and we got the ITA only during the last trimester... So instead of waiting to complete the chest x-ray, we waited for the ITA. This will also delay your PPR.
  5. Thanks Fahimeh khanoom. I'm glad to find another Iranian mate, we are very rare in express entry. I wish you would get your ppr pretty soon.
  6. +1
    There are many of us but they don't come to this website since AA is there.
    hope the best for you Mr.Ali :)
  7. Wishing that many of us in this group should get PPRs this week!!!
  8. Me too! Good luck everybody! :)
  9. Congratulations to all the PPRians...

    All the best to all (including me) who are awaiting PPR!!!

  10. I got AOR on 16th January 2016, and the medicals were passed on 18th Jan 2016.

    Was requested for additional documents (PCC from PSK India) on 27th Jan which I submitted on 7th Feb 2016.

    However, the status of the application since then is "documents provided". no updates in the application post that not even documents received. Background check and all others have not started.

    In Summary:

    AOR: 16th Jan 2016
    Medicals Passed: 18th Jan 2016
    Additional Docs Regd. PCC: 27th Jan
    Docs Submitted: 7th Feb
    Application status Review in progress
    Background check: Not Started

    Is there anything I should do apart from waiting??
  11. No, you can't do anything.
    Didn't you provide PCC from PSK upfront?
    Is India your current country of residence?
  12. Hi Gurus,

    I have applied under FSW category. I do have positive LMIA but at the time of uploading documents I did not attached LMIA copy.
    Can it lead to rejection ?
    Please advise.
  13. You don't have to attach LMIA - when you apply you only provide your LMIA number.
  14. Correct, LMIA File# was entered in express entry profile.
    But, some ppl here in forom advising me to attach the document.
    Application is already submitted.

    I am clueless
  15. anybody in this group with LMIA ??
    Please advise......

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