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AOR 2017-18 with No FT, Outland Paper waiting / received MR

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by PMorden, May 14, 2018.

  1. Outland paper based applicants with no FT please share your timeline and MR received dates

    My timeline
    MPNP Outland
    AOR -February 2018
    FT- No
    MR- waiting

  2. Yes: My timeline
    Outland PNP PaperBased, no FT; Vo- SG
    AOR : October 3/ 2017
    Pre Arrival mail: April 28/ 2018
    Waiting for MR
  3. To receive pre arrival mail is positive sign I feel you will receive MR and PPR soon may be together good luck!
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  4. Lots of thanks brother, Hope it will be true.
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  5. Any AOR 2018 Outland pnp paper applicant received MR please inform
  6. Did Outland applicant with AOR October 17 received MR ?
  7. What is pre arrival mail?

  8. Its a guide to prepare for arrival in Canada.
  9. Did u received MR ? Ur timeline please.
  10. My timeline
    MPNP Outland
    AOR -February 2018
    FT- No
    MR- waiting

  11. Please how did u know ur VO is Singapore?
  12. My timeline ,MPNP outland. AOR 25 January 18.no FT, waiting for MR.
  13. Mpnp-outland
    No FT
    MR request-nov.2017
    Pre arrival-dec.01
    MR done-dec.02
    MR Passed-dec.09
    Ppr- WAITING
  14. where is your Visa Office
  15. I saw in gcms note .

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