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Anyone waiting on FOIA for physical presence?

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by simpsol22, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. I applied for my US crossings under FOIA Jan. 15th. It updated on Feb 21st to show evaluation and at some point went to Assignment. It shows estimated completion of March 21st, but no updates and still not assigned. I've tried calling (left voicemail) and emailing with no response. Anyone else apply around the same time?
  2. Did u finally get your foia? Can you post your timeline?
  3. Has anyone applied for FOIa here? Can someone share timelines?
  4. Mine was last year. Not sure if its the same timeline this year.
    Mar/28/2018 - Submitted the request.
    Apr/18/2018 - Acknowledgement Letter.
    May/16/2018 - Estimated completion as per updated in the website (but they never met this date).
    Jun/11/2018 - Received the records.
  5. Yes.
    JAN 15-Applied
    FEB 21-evaulation started
    MAR 21-estimated completion
    APR 7-response with "No Records"
    Tried replying to the notice same day and a few days later but got no response...even left voicemails.
    APR 15- I filed an appeal.
    APR 17-recieved modifcation email...believe they had assigned my file.
    APR 24-records received.
  7. I have a friend with incomplete application, and can not continue with his request.
    Can he contact you and get some help?
  8. Im not sure what help I can be. Just an online form you complete with your personal information.
  10. Could you please inform if this is correct:
    For agency it is CBP foia division
    Request type it is foia
    It also ask will pay up to .....
    What should write here, did you pay?
  11. I mentioned 5$ , because it didn't say how much to pay.. and it went through.. it did not ask for credit card details.. may be at processing stage they will ask for the payment.
  13. Thanks
    And 2 other question was correct?
  14. yes. I submitted more than a week ago, and it still shows SUBMITTED only, no process started.. I heard it takes a while . I already sent my application but will keep this record for my test/interview date.
  15. My records didnt cost, so I didnt pay anything.

    Will show submitted for a while.

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