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Anybody know of any online Digital Picture Editing Website?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by canada19881, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Does Anybody know of any online Digital Picture Editing Website which they have used for their Photo for E-aPR Application ?
  2. Why do you need to edit the picture?

    You take it yourself and just crop it in MS Paint. No need to change anything else.
  3. MS Paint can't adjust the dpi.

  4. With all these specs it is so hard to decide whether it is right or wrong , :( :( :( :( :(
  5. should i go to professional place for digital photo ? :-[ :-[
  6. If ever you have any standard windows on hand, there is also something as picture editor there. With it you can resize your picture and with it end your DPI. That is very basic function that even MS picture can manage (resize).
  7. Personally, I have not tried this website, but you can check this one and provide us with your feedback :p .... I am still waiting an invitation :)

  8. Hey, thanks a lot for the link! I've spent the weekend scanning all my documents, and this is really the last thing I had to do. Really appreciate it, and I'll let you know how the photos turn out!
  9. this simple work can be done by real photoshop, but if you do not have any photoshop software at your work station, then you can download gimp which is free and it's a desktop version.
    Or somebody here suggested pixlr express which can do the work.
    if you are looking for browser based photo editor and don't want to download any bulky software then try toolpic toolpic.com
  10. wow, is it really that expensive to get a pic done from a professional place... ?

    i mean out here they charge around $10 USD for it, which i think is quite reasonable.... if we're spending 1000s of $$$ on everything else, i think additional 10-20 USD to get a professional pic done should be nothing...
  11. @thestunner316

    please, stop and dont judge people based on how much they are willing to pay or to save,,, many time it is not a matter of money,,, he might be living in a rural area,,,, or does not have enough time to go.... or whatever is his reason,,,, or he might be truing to save those 20$ as you said

    I still find it legitimate to try to find the cheapest way to perform such a task, even if it would cost you only one dollar,,,,

    still donating this this dollar is much better idea....
  12. lol - i wasnt judging, i only wanted to understand why would someone opt for that...

    cheapest is not always the best option - i'm sure you know that as well. most of us arent professional photographers, so taking a photo and editing yourself seems a little risky... i wouldnt take a chance personally.

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