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Anybody Applied in july still waiting?????

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Sahilmonga16, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Guys if u have applied in july and still waiting for visa plss let us know here
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  2. I have applied on 6th July still no any Res
  3. Plss send ur complete detail like which vfs center and which type of visa study aur visitor
  4. Vsf Delhi, visitor visa for me n my wife.applied on 6th July and got tracking ID on 9th July, applied through agent,Vsf status shows your application is being processed....don't know why so much delayed.. When u applied?
  5. I applied on 30th of july rest is same delhi and visitor with wife
  6. I applied on 23rd July, pp request on 21/8, submit on 22/8 Vfs in Paris. Still waiting for dispatch... My application was approved ( final decision on MyGckey Acc).
  7. U should be happy atleast ur application is approved our review of eligibility didnt started yet
  8. I am confused and worry about the final until I receive my pp. Because mygckey acc show that final decision says my application was approved but others section are still reviewing of eligibility. I dont know exactly what is mean!? So nervous
  9. Some time it happen but ur visa is approved no need to worry about it
  10. Is it? I think it will be positive. Dont know why it takes so long just for stamping!? You did apply on 30th July? Did you ask for enroll Biometrics?
  11. No for visitor visa from india they dont need biometric
  12. Applied on 21july.... Offline vfs chandigarh
  13. I have just check my gckey account coz i applied online, my status has changed. My visa was approved definitely. Good luck to you bro
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  14. Just had a message stating Review started today... Praying and hoping for the best...
  15. Many files updated it seems in New Delhi with yes

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