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Any one need helps in IELTS contact me

Discussion in 'IELTS - International English Language Testing Sys' started by Umer Shahzad, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Anyone need help regarding IELTS contact me
  2. Dear Shhzad
    I toke part in IELTS TEHRAN for several times unlikely I didn’t got required score for immigration I’m am be grateful if you would help me
    Here is my email:
  3. ok brother

    i will help regarding your speaking , listening , reading and writting module insallah
  4. :p :p
    Thank you my brother
    I read you email and I replied it soon.please note I need score above 6.5 for listening,speaking,reading and writing
  5. Hi Shahzad,

    I need to do well in writing module as well as reading (target 7 or more) for Academic module. Can you recommend any book(s)? Thanks in advance.
  6. Well if you want to do well in the Academic Writing

    first thing is Create a Sense of the topic then critically evaluate the topic how do you think this is the good defining all prons and corns then you will be to write the conclusion.
    the best Preparation for essay writing is the IELTS Blog which you can google, this is the best resource
    available on the internet
    but the best thing is to have a look on Inside into IELTS extra and Inside to IELTS advance

    these are two books which are available in the market.

    if you need further help send me an email at umer.shahzad1@gmail.com
  7. Reading the best thing is too read as much as a you can but reading module is bit tricky cos you have to be precise and speedy while reading the best practice is to read as much as you can try to read english news papers which are available in your local area
  8. Many many thanks, friend. Hope this information will be helpful.
  9. I need two of them please send an emal to me and if you have any link for dowload please put it in
  10. I need to score7.5 for listening, and 7 for speaking, reading and writing.

    Nowadays IDP IELTS tests are tougher it seems. could you help me??Am appearing for General module.
  11. I remember when I was younger and I was as a university student everyday I read newpaper like Iran news or Tehran tmes.you note my native language is persian!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I just took my General IELTS and I was so thankful I got the points that I needed: Listening 7.5, Reading 7, Writing 6.5 & Speaking 7 = Band Score of 7.

    You know what I did, I read as many English articles as possible, I tried writing task 1 and taks 2 almost everyday and I listened to British Radio everytime I had a chance.

    I wasn't expecting I will be able to have this score but thank God, I did. And you too can. I always believe nothing is impossible.

    All the best,
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  13. Hi, I am applying for a PR under the federal workers visa, I am a British citizen, do I have to do the ielt. If I don't pass does this meen I will be turned down for my visa? Please help
  14. Hi

    1. Yes you have to take IELTs. You should read the instructions.
    2. It is not pass or fail, the maximum no. of points you can get is 16. The lower your score, the lower the points. if your points drop under 67 you get refused.
  15. Thanks alot,
    I know now that I need to do the general exam, is there any prep books you can recommend or any help you can give me is much appreciated

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