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Discussion in 'International Students' started by acca247, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Please,I need information of any Nigerian who have studied or still studying at STOUFFVILLE COLLEGE in Toronto,ON. especially studying ACCA. I have already applied for study permit for ACCA,but I need to know if I can get intouch with Nigerians to share experience.
    Everybody is also welcome,even if you are not a Nigerian. If you are in STOUFFVILLE COLLEGE or you are study ACCA in another college in Canada.
  2. Please read my w w w dot canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/-t74629.0.html post, i am having the same problems , i got application letter as well from them but i do not know what to do next... canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/-t74629.0.html is my post please help me if you have any more information about that collage.

    Thanks a lot in advance
  3. Prince of dubai,
    U can enroll at the college. there are only 2 colleges in Canada that offer ACCA: Stouffville college and London School of Business and Finance,Toronto Campus.
    It is safe.
  4. Thanks a lot for the reply,
    I got the Conditional Offer letter from Stouffville college & they accepted my documents. Now all they need fee which is $250 , when i will transfer money to them then they will forward the admission letter to me so i can take that letter to the visa officer/ Canadian embassy to apply for the visa.

    acca247 bro do u have any idea or know someone who got study visa in getting admission with Stouffville college? Am new on this forum and don't know if there is anybody who has faces experience with Stouffville college... please let me know so i can share / exchange more info

    Many many thanks in advance,
  5. I am also going for stouffvillecollege college and I have got my medical done. Just waiting for the visa now InshAllah. I have heard that college is not good for applying off campus work permit.
  6. How much did u transfer to them as fee? Did they send any admission letter to you? or they will just take money from me and would not send me addmission letter?
    Pls explain ur condition how long it took and what steps u took and what u r waiting for now?
    Am glad someone is here on forum going to apply for the same collage where am gonna apply..
    Look forward for the information from u, take care & have a great day ahead!

    Allah Hafiz
  7. Bro its a real college. I have sent them like 315 CAD after conditional offer letter, and within 10 working days they sent me visa letters. Because I paid them 65 CAD for courier charged. And Alhamdulilah now I have got my medical done and waiting for the visa InshAllah. So it's real college do pay them and start your documentation. Good Luck !!
  8. @Prince of dubai,
    xmaanix I givenyou vital information and courage.


    I am happy to hear that you have received call for medicals. which country are you from and from which country did you applied for the study visa? Furthermore,how much did you have in your account balance,are you sponsoring yourself or you have sponsor? are you starting your prog. in July?Please keep me posted.

  9. I applied for ACCA in LSBF from London. I am Nigerian. Applied in London on 17th May and I am awaiting response...
  10. @soniabrowne1,
    I am happy to hear that you are a Nigerian and that you are going to Stouffville college,though you are applied from london. I applied from Nigeria. I wish you good luck and I would like to hear from you when you receive response from CDHC. ciao
  11. I applied to the Abu Dhabi consulate 5 days earlier. My session starts on August 15th. I have to enrol no later than 2nd september.

    And just $350? Wow. I shudve taken Stoufville.
    I transferred $3620 to LSBF Toronto. Thats 50% of the fees. And i have shown $110,000 in bank statement. Laikin that is only the funds in Muscat, i live in Muscat. I decided not to show my properties in Pakistan which are pretty much double the amount in bank statement because i think 110,000 is more than enough
  12. My conditional offer letter is going to expire soon on 27 July, i am still confuse i should pay the fee or not? I have to apply from Abu Dhabi embassy. In these forum people told me do not go for Stouffville collage that is private and not good etc... I am double minded, i got my conditional offer letter from them but thinking should i pay the fee or not pls help me give me suggestions.

    Allha Hafiz
  13. yar my frnd i think $110,000 are good enough, i am also applying for LSBF frm pakistan n paid 4500$ alredy..i got my medical..now waiting for Visa..u should apply...dont wory about ur statement..good luck
  14. Hi tania
    I applied :)
    Just waiting for a medical call. Hope we get our visas soon Insha-Allah

  15. i am Also Waiting for medical call i am Student Of LSBF ACCA august Intake,,,We Will be Together Inshallah

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