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Any Information about Stouffville College's ACCA, Toronto,CANADA ???

Discussion in 'International Students' started by ORBIT-FALCON, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Dear Friends,

    I friend of mine got Admission in Stouffville College, Toronto, Canada without IELTS.....I am confused that how he will get Study Visa without IELTS ? According to him there is no req of College.....Is anyone here who got Study Visa for Canada without IELTS in ACCA or in any other program in that perticular College or any other College ?????

    Please help..... :(

    I have done B.COM from Punjab University, and willing to get admission in ACCA in Canada.......

  2. Hello Falcon,yup ur freind is ryt..i met a guy who was also applying for Stouffville College, Toronto, Canada without IELTS and the most surprising thing is that i met him when i was doing my medical, he also called for medical..n as u knw to get medical is a very positive sign to get visa...actually it depends on luck..do u have any prob??i mean do ielts if u can n get at least 6 bands if will make ur case mor stronger as compare to ur current situation...hope this anz will help u!!!!!
  3. Stouffville College is the Computer Based Exame (CBE) Centre registered with

    www.accaglobal.com. Any way, there is no need of ielts and tofel. if you have

    5 bands, acceptable. I also applied for it and also receive extension letter.

    Waiting for my medical call. Search in www.google.com the

    term, "cbecentrelist.pdf" you will find stouffville college in that file of

    www.accaglobal.com, which is lincesed till march 2012. If you not i will e-mail

    you. send me you e-mail address.
  4. If your friend has actually cleared F4 (Global Law/English Law or any variant) then IELTS doesnt make a difference because anyone passing the Law exam also passes the english proficiency test.

    It's not a requirement of the Consulate, rather a requirement of the school your applying to. I was bored, passed 8 ACCA papers so i gave IELTS with a 7.5 band. Just makes ur case more stronger but doesn really affect if you don't give it.
  5. @Junaid.Bjorn

    Great news..............

  6. Stouffville College
    Last Updated: 2011-01-12

    Legal Name: Stouffville College
    Operating Name: Stouffville College

    Mailing Address
    615-18 Wynford Dr.
    NORTH YORK, Ontario
    M3C 3S2 Location Address
    615-18 Wynford Dr.
    NORTH YORK, Ontario
    M3C 3S2

    Telephone: (416) 850-3030
    Fax: (416) 352-5505
    Email: info@stouffvillecollege.ca

    Website URL: http://www.stouffvillecollege.ca

    Contact Information

    Karen Poon
    Title: Data Provider
    Telephone: (416) 850-3030
    Email: info@stouffvillecollege.ca

    Company Description

    Stouffville College the official tuition provider for ACCA in Canada registered under the UCRS (University College Registration Scheme) with ACCA.

    We are currently the only college other than University of Windsor to offer the ACCA program in Canada. ACCA is the largest and fastest-growing global professional accountancy body in the world. The association has 296,000 ACCA students and affiliates and 115,000 ACCA members in 170 countries.

    Country of Ownership: Canada
    Exporting: No
    Primary Industry (NAICS): 611210 - Community Colleges and C.E.G.E.P.s
    Primary Business Activity: Services
    Product / Service / Licensing

    Service Name: Tuition Provider for ACCA / CAt

    ACCA has been recognised and respected across the world for almost 100 years, and currently has nearly 300,000 students and members in 160 Countries.
  7. MAY BE I AM WEAK IN ENGLISH,,,but dont you think this line means..... university of windsor also provides ACCA tuition support ???
  8. "We are currently the only college other than University of Windsor to offer the ACCA program in Canada.

    Dear fan, the above sentence means that stouffville college is the only college in Toronto that provides tution facility and registered with UCRS and accaglobal,

    Moreover, the university of windsor not offering such facility like stoufville college. University of Windsor only offer Bsc or Master in Accounting (4 year course).
  9. dont you ever call me a fan,,,i'll be the last person to be your fan....
    dude u need to work on something,,,,,read the line again
  10. He points at everyone as "fan"...LOL
  11. LOL
  12. @abrar2007

    Other then University of windsor means that

    University of windsor does not provide the ACCA programe like stouffville college


    what is your e-mail addres?
  14. LSBF Toronto opened their new campus there. They are not yet an APL or a Gold status sponsor, however they hold the Gold Status sponsorship status in the UK, and it wont take time for them to get ahead of stoufville in Toronto.
    You need to improve ur knowledge before just copy pasting crap from websites. Stoufville is not the only ACCA Tuition provider. APL, yes, but not the only tutition provider
  15. There are no universities in Canada at the present time which offer the ACCA courses . The University of Windsor is registered under the ACCA University and Colleges Registration Scheme (UCRS) and by studying their B Com and Masters of International Finance programmes one can gain considerable exemptions from Parts 1 and 2 of the ACCA Professional Scheme.

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