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Any idea why?

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by theguv, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Hi, long term lurker, first time poster.

    I've been trying to find the best way to immigrate to Canada since 2004! Over the years I've missed deadlines on programs as the goalposts moved with federal regulation changes but the Self Employed route seems pretty stable. Has anyone heard any rumoured changes to this route coming up?

    As a self employed sound engineer and AV tech in the UK it's looking the most promising route for me after all this time (I am over 40 and getting a job offer from overseas is harder than finding Unicorn poop so things like EE and PNP are not viable with the score I get).

    So to the question: does anyone have any idea why processing times are soooooooooo long on average for this route? Are there literally billions of self employed people trying to get in?

    Kind regards, Jack.
  2. Hi
    How I wish I could provide a suitable reply to this . It’s been 2 years now and am still looking for answers myself . Good luck
  3. Yes, it's a stressful situation to be in. We are in the Federal Self-Employed queue, too, as we are got in line under the wire for the Self-Employed Farm Manager track. We are currently "In Process" with an AOR of October 2017. We're looking at possibly another year before we will have seen any meaningful progress. I believe, and perhaps the hosting folks can clarify or verify, that the processing times at least for our track were vague qualifications combined with a high number of applications from southeast Asia that were labor intensive to process. Our track is now suspended until they straighten out the mess. Processing times are supposed to be about 24 months from a completed application, but our attorney is hopeful we'll hear something closer to 16 to 20 months. Fingers crossed. Anyway, give it a try! You've got nothing to lose, right?
  4. It seems like a far too long period to be sitting about waiting for a decision... does anyoneon here have any stats on processing times by country? I wonder if they wildly swing from developed to undeveloped nations...
  5. 'Allo guv.. ;)

    I'm not sure if they keep stats by country at all. They do by time, immigration class and (I think) applicant demographic.
    Stats Canada is the website to look at. https://www.statcan.gc.ca/eng/start
  6. i wonder if it's worth setting up a post on here to see if people would be willing to post their waiting times from submission to getting their cards...
  7. Hi
    My journey started in Nov 2016 under Quebec investor category
    I successfully passed the interview in Feb 2018 , deposited the funds received the CSQ in May 2018 , I have send my final documents to federal for processing
    Waiting for further instructions now

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  8. Yeah, that gives an average figure for the last 12 months. if there are significant numbers of applications from countries that require more stringent checks and balances then that can skew the average number too dramatically to be of use.

    A country by country breakdown with country specific average processing times would be more useful...
  9. I dont think country wise breakup exists any more . Cic has the provision of sending applications for processing to different visa offices for sake of faster processing. So if your visa office is say Hong Kong , not necessarily your application is processed there ( if it has heavy rush) the same can be sent to visa office say New Delhi ( if it has less rush) and so on .
    I read this somewhere but you can confirm from others as well,
    Below may be of some help to you
  10. This precisely answers your query
  11. Hi
    Would you be kind enough to provide me the link / Page etc ,if possible , from this website , relating to Quebec investor category

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