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Ankara Visa Office Applicants Check in here! :)

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by BCgirl2012, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Welcome! Please feel free to check in here Ankara visa office applicants :)
  2. Yaaay!

    I just sent the CSQ application. They will get it on Tuesday (June 12).
  3. Its good to see a topic dedicated to Ankara VO at last. Just to share my story, I filed a sponsorship application for my wife on 4th November 2011, At the time Damascus VO was responsible for Iranian applications. We got the sponsorship approval on 12th January 2012 but later on I realized that due to situation in Syria our file had never left Canada (Among many other applications , as early as June 2011). CIC never gave me an exact date of transfer, the only thing I know is that our file transferred to Ankara sometimes in March 2012.
  4. hello guys and gals

    My wife's file was sent to Ankara directly on Feb ,2012.
    hope we get the PPR until jan 2013.

    for new members, I recommend that u ask your questions on the Damascus thread since all the experts are active in this thread :

    wish u all the best
  5. I just wanna add a personal experience as well: If you are considering getting an immigration lawyer/ agent / consultant ,,, DO NOT , Absolutly DO NOT .
    Consult your case with us in this forum and then If your case is real complicated , then consult again with us here to choose the best agent.

    Trust me , like I said I 've been ripped of real badly by one , and I son't want the same to happen to anybody else .

    all the best
  6. Thanks, mehdiR for pointing out the other thread. I have been following that one for a while, too. The thread you mentioned is for Damascus applicants. With Damascus closing, one part of applicants (Iranian applicants) have been transferred to Anakara. Not all of us are in the same boat! So I think it is appropriate for all applicants of Anakara office to have their own thread and exchange experiences. Please join us and share your visa office specific experiences with us :)

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience with immigration consultants. I'd like to point out that some of the senior members here that contribute to the forum are actually immigration consultants, and some cases actually will need to be handled by people who do this for a living. Not all cases are straightforward. Therefore, I wouldn't generalize that no one needs a consultant or a lawyer. Some people will really need to consult or hire one.

    I wish you and your wife a very speedy and smooth rest of the process. Ankara has a very fast track record. However, how the new file transfers will affect the processing times remains to be seen.

    All the best. :)
  7. This is true.. the only thing that scares me is that the Embassy in Iran is now closed and all files have been sent to Ankara.. I hope this doesnt slow our process down...

    have we had any one or seen any thread about anyone applying in 2012 and getting accepted within months yet???

    i know a couple years back a couple individuals I knew got their whole process down within months.. minimun 3 months to max 6 .... i just pray Anakara will be the same for us...

    good luck to all

  8. I agree with u 100% , and I think I mentioned that if one's case is complicated they should consider a consultant however, one who's REALLY experienced and truthful .

    Ankara has been great and it has around 260 people working on the cases so speedy process is expected/ what I'm praying for.

  9. Hi,

    how do you know that they have 260 people working on the cases??? did u see it on their website? sorry for being nosy but thats interesting to me... do u know approximately how long does it take them to process 1 single case? do they do it one a day or do they start a couple and work on them? thats interesting to find out so that we know how they go through all that paper work and pictures and emails etc!

  10. Any good news from Ankara recently for anyone??
  11. nothing this week, but it doesn't mean they aren't working, perhaps those who aren't in this forum got ppr this week ;)
  12. Guys they finally updated the new processing time today. so now Ankara VO new processing time is 6 months, its really good. it was 5 months before, and now 6 moths. i think that means all the spousal application they receive, this new procession time would count for it.
  13. I wish it was changed to more like 3-4 months I wish it decreased rather than increasing a month in processing times... Good luck to everyone in the Ankara office maybe we can set a record with 3 months processing inshallah!!!!! :)

  14. Still, 6 months isn't that bad, really. Ankara is still the fastest office on the list.
    6 months means 80% of cases will conclude within this time frame. We haven't seen many previous applicants from Ankara office yet, so we really don't know. All we know is what we see on the statistics: 83% approval rate (if memory serves right), and 80% of cases completed within 6 month.

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