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Amity distance learning

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by akmoolah, May 14, 2016.

  1. hey guys,

    anyone here know if amity online University PG diploma will be assessed by WES as a bachelor +1 credential. Trying to increase my CRS score but not sure if this AMITY Online university will be assessed positively for "Two or more degrees"

    If anyone has had positive assessment , please share your thoughts.Tried checking on WES website but there is not enough information.

    Here is the link

  2. yes it will. I also completed a course from Lovely Professional University and going to add that degree. They have given additional 1 yr Diploma to such courses.
  3. To the best of my knowledge Amity isn't recognized by WES.
  4. I did MBA(distance learning) from ASODL-Uttar Pradesh and they recognized it as Master Degree.

    Not sure for Online mode.
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  5. can you please tell me whether amity online degree is recognized by WES or not ?

  6. Hi CP, I did my MCA from same ASODL Noida, can you guide how you got your degrees assessed positively? I can't find any Amity related department in WES tool, Did you go via IQA or any other assessment agency. Badly need your help at this heartbreaking moment.
  7. were u able to assess ur PGD from amity online university by WES?
  8. Hi Akmoolah,

    Did you get this pgdm recognised by WES ? I also want to persue to this to increase my crs score. Please let me know.
  9. i did mba distance learning from amity university.just now i got my eca and they state it is not recognized.I have already send a mail to them to revise my ECA but I got a mail from them which state it is not recognized by AICTE.if my university send a recognition letter can they revise my ECA report

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