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Am I too late to apply for a Education Visa?

Discussion in 'Education' started by SreeSid, Jul 2, 2019.

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    Hi. I am 27years old from India.
    I completed my +12 in 2008 and started 4 year Degree but due to some family situations, I dropped out of college and started taking care of our family business and it is soo stressful and its the only way of making bread for my family I dedicated to it full time and neglected my college.
    Now my younger brother had completed his education and is happy to take care of the business and give me a break from work life. I am soo interested in programming and was soo attracted to data science I wanna start studying again and make a new path for my own. But I am a bit old for a new start and was worried I may get a visa or not.
    So I would like to humbly request this wonderful community if there is anything like my age/ my gap in education that will show a negative impact on my chance of getting a visa if I apply for it now?

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