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Allowed working hours if studying as a PR

Discussion in 'Education' started by Canashare, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Hi there, anyone can explain to me as to how many hours shall I be limited to work if I study, I am a landed PR and NOT as an international student . I was considered by a university or college as a Domestic and to be funded by Student Loan, am I limited to 20 hours per week as well, just like the international students does? Appreciate your response, thanks in advance.:)
  2. As a PR you have no work restrictions whilst attending college/university. How many hours you work is up to you taking into account how many hours might affect your study, decision is yours.
  3. When I landed last year I started a graduate certificate and worked full time at the same time! So there is no limitation as long as you are able to do both.
  4. Thanks for your replies Bs65 and BC4life, however, I am applying for Student Loan BCAid, are there any restrictions of limitations for working hours, did anybody experience this here? Should I have to work 20hours a week only? or Full time? Can you clarify, thanks...or can you give me links that would raise this issue? thanks.
  5. This is not a restriction as a PR. That's the condition of your student load/aid. Contact them for the requirement. It's the requirement for qualifying to get their aid/loan. So follow their rule if you want to get the money.

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