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(All Outside Canada) Part-Time Job Experience While Studying Full-Time Bachelor Degree

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Ali Ak, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I read all the posts and I really appreciate your all responses, I would like to ask you whether my conclusion which is all related to OUTSIDE of Canada is true or not;
    I haven't been to Canada and still, I have no relation there.

    Then I became 18 years old in 2013 and I started my part-time Webmaster job from a company which is (25 hours/per week) by taking the monthly salary as being a high school graduate.

    After 1 month, I started my undergraduate education from university (which is full-time as 40 hours/per week) in 2013. Also within this time, I was still working my part-time job

    After 5 years I have graduated from university in 2018 and left my part-time job, so Can I demonstrate that I have 5 years part-time = 2.5 years full-time job experience?

    Lastly, job experiences while studying are acceptable for the people who start their job while studying bachelor’s degree or it is acceptable for the people who are holding at least bachelor degree and start their job while doing Master/PhD, so is there any requirement to hold at least bachelor degree to gain points from part-time jobs?
  2. Please guys any answer is welcomed
  3. Desperately Any help? :C

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