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Alberta Opportunity Stream Jun-2018

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by nirmalramaraj, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Has anyone applied under new Alberta Opportunity Stream-Jun-2018?
  2. I could see over 30 applications received so far.
  3. Somebody guide me how to apply province nominations. I am in express entry pool now. My score is 375 .Please guide me
  4. If there is any whatsapp group please add me 7899332919
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    There are already more than hundred applicants being process under AOS - it would be great if we hear someone nominated under this stream....

    Share your experience about the process e.g. interview etc
  6. Please can I still apply now.and wot is ur opinion should I use an immigration consultant?
  7. Has anybody received nomination under AOS? We have not read a single one here?
  8. Anyone? Any news? From Alberta Opp Stream?
    All you guys should've received the "Letter of interest" ??? Correct?
    Are we all on a same boat?
  9. I am waiting applied 24 Oct may be in Jan 19 some news
  10. In new year --- I guess
    Do you guys know, how many they are issuing this year?

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