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Alberta express entry PNP NOI - CRS score eligibility

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by rohanvus, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Hi Carol,
    Yes I did....thank God!
    I’ve submitted my PR application already. Now I’m waiting to get my PR.
  2. I received my file number a day after my package got there.
    But I think they’ve gotten quite slow now. Be patient it’ll come
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  3. What are the chances of receiving nomination from AINP for NOC 2011 having CRS above 400. ie. around 410
  4. NOC 2011 is electrical engineer
  5. yes i did. on the 12th of april.
  6. during my time, they weren't so busy. so i received my file number the next day after my documents were delivered but now it takes about 30 days i hear.
  7. Hi guys, I’ve got 369 with noc 1241 and 4151. Primary NOC is 1241.

    Question is, do I need to be currently working under 1241 to receive NOI from Alberta?
  8. What was your CRS score
  9. Hi Folks,
    I have a question my brother lives in india and has a job and would like to apply for ainp express entry, he is my real brother and he has a score of more than 435. I just want to know what are the chances of him getting a intent to apply under alberta express entry. Please advise.
  10. Can anyone help me out who received NOI from Alberta regarding the documents.
    What documents do the need like I am an outlander.
    Do they require proof of funds.
    Also do they require pay statements.

    Plz do guide.
  11. Did your brother receive NOI. Even I have a sister in Alberta
  12. Hey did Ur brother receive noi even I have a sister in Canada plz help
  13. Hey did your brother receive noi
  14. Hello,pls have you gotten any response to your question.
  15. Yeah. If 1241 happens to be among NOC to be selected for any of the rounds, one is eligible as long as it’s in the last 10yrs

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