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Advise on Importing good from USA to Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Besty11, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    I own a 2017 Toyota Corolla with a mileage of around 20000 miles on it and is in dilemma whether it is worth to Import it to canada or sell it in USA and buy another one in canada? Did anyone had a similar situation and what are the pros and cons of each. .

    Also, is it okay to import a 55 inch tv from USA to canada or how are the prices to buy it in canada compared to USA.
  2. As for the car, is it paid off? You won't be able to import without the title. If you are importing as a PR (duty free) then it does make sense because cars are more expensive in Canada and also you will lose money in selling and buying.

    As for TV, same thing will apply. In fact most things will be more expensive in Canada.
  3. Hi,

    Thank you for the reply. I haven’t paid off the car yet but I can close the loan and get the title.

    Looks like importing the expensive stuff is better since they are expensive in canada.Also, do you know if we can get(say bring the tv packed) while driving the car and clear the border customs or does that need to be couriered through a courier company.
  4. Thank you!

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