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Admission in Canada (Masters in Civil Engineering)

Discussion in 'Education' started by mahtabafzal, Dec 21, 2019.

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    Hi, I am Mehtab from Pakistan.

    I graduated in 2013 from NUST, Islamabad and have working experience of over 5 years and counting.

    My educational scores are as under
    B.E Civil Engineering: CGPA of 2.54 (60.5% as of university certificate)
    Intermediate: 77%
    Matriculation: 83%.

    I am interested in scholarship as well as self-financed studies.

    Is there any chance for me to get admission to a research-based master's program in civil engineering at any Canadian University? Also, recommend any other university that I can get admission in. Kindly recommend some affordable universities please.

    my shortlisted universities to apply are the following:

    1. University of Manitoba
    2. University of Saskatchewan
    3. Memorial University.

  2. You gpa is really low but you can certainly try.

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