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Additional Medical Test Required

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by nikulpatel411, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Hello Friends,
    Today, I have received email from Delhi Immigration for additional medical test required of my spouse. Anyone have received this type of request.? Please reply..
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  2. When u get MR
  3. Just before 10 days..
  4. Ohk full timeline pls fresh medical or remedical which category?
  5. Ring your Panel doctor hospital and ask the reason for re medical. After finding the problem, treat 10 days with the best doctor of that field. Tell him the actual situation. Then go for re medical.
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  6. Hi, My husband too got a additional medical request. My worry is that the reports of the test have to be submitted within 90 days; but the report for saliva test alone would take 2 months. I am scared for the timelines. Is there any way I may get in touch with IRCC for considering this and give us some more time??

    We had received intimation through letter (dated 20th July)... no mail and I couldn't even see the requirement in my online account....Can you help where exactly to look for in online account, for such updates?
  7. Inform your visa office about the situation. Enclose initial test reports and receipt of the saliva test .
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  8. and how do I do that? Please share the email ID
  9. Which is your Visa office?

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