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Adding spouse after CoPR or after landing add spouse

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by vpnss973, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Dear Seniors ,
    Good day , your valuable input and suggestions are required on this scenario , i have received CoPR couple of weeks back , .....

    Option 1 : should i first do the landing and later get married then add spouse
    Option 2 : Should i get married and add spouse then do the landing

    could you please advise what is best way of doing this which is better and faster and easy and simple ...what would be time taken in either of above cases for adding spouse , which is would better option

    what would be time taken if add spouse after my landing for her PR ?

    Your response would be very much appreciated...thanks in advance :)

  2. It all depends on you situation :)
    You can email CIC saying i got married(after marriage) before landing so that cic will request ur spouse docs and process - Taking this path means you cannot land till ur spouse receives the pr.
    You first land and then married and then sponsor your spouse under family class - this will take around 14 months
    choice is urs , All the best
  3. Thanks for your relpy....

    In either of above cases..will it take 14 months for adding spouse either before or after marriage ?
  4. Please note you can add spouse anytime BEFORE landing.

    If you married AFTER landing you have to start a new application for Sponsorship spouse, that's is currently slow (17 months) but a new pilot program provide SOWP for spouse after apply for PR, only if both are in Canada.


    So an option is your fiancee come as visitor (could be no possible if VO considers she's not willing to come back to her country), be married here and apply for PR and SOWP.

    SOWP needs 97 days (paper application) or 136 online.

    You can apply for PR spouse sponsorship with your wife abroad (17 months), and perhaps she can come as visitor.

    If you married BEFORE landing you have to communicate immediately to CIC and later send requested documents.

    I think, but better ask CIC, that you can landing after communicate it, you'll be asked for dependants at the border so you have to include your spouse (get a marriage certificate at least).

    In the meantime you can wait for your spouse COPR which will need time to be processed, I don't know gor how long, but you know how slow is old CEC.

    I read in this forum that you should provide documents and recieve your spouse COPR befire yours expires, but I'm not sure about it.

  5. Thanks for your response ....
  6. Do Talk to an immigration consultant or a lawyer, do not ask the CIC call centre agents, they just bull shit most of the times, my work permit was expiring and I was told to apply for a bridging open work permit and wait until I get it, and apply for a visitor visa for my wife even if she was here with me in Canada, when I asked lawyer, they said we could apply together and today we got the Bridging Open Work Permits for both of us. PLZ DO CONSULT an expert as if you ask people on forum they may give great advice but CIC is tricky in every case.

    Good Luck !
  7. Man if you already received COPR then do landing first. I am not sure where, but i read somewhere that you should not do marriage between COPR and landing. CIC can cancel your PR in that case.
    I may be wrong but please consult with some immigration consultant before doing anything.
  8. Thank you for the reply....i will consultant with immigration lawyer on this .... i hope i get correct response on this , about how to go about in this case....
  9. Hello,

    Who can tell please how long does it take to add common law partner on visa application before landing ? I had COPR and visa but returned as I had to add my fiancee who I will marry in summer, before original visa will expire - August. We sent medical checks in April. How things should happen from here : a new visa will be issue or it will be the same visa I had - validity August. If not when I should have the same visa I had before adding her and another COPR of course.. Was someone in this situation ?

    Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm in a similar situation as yours.. can u please tell which way you followed..
    will be great if u can share your number or contact.

    Request your reply
  11. Hi Akil,

    My fiancee has a student visa in Canada and we are getting married before her next semester starts. I have a COPR but haven't landed. Once we get married, I plan to notify the CIC about the status change. My question is, will she be ablw to continue her college on her current student visa? Or will the PR process stop her from doing so? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  12. It will not affect her existing study permit. Submitting a PR application makes no changes to your current immigration status.
  13. Hi @zardoz Hi Zardoz, I've got a similar story. I got my CoPR in February 2019, however I got married in April 2019 and informed CIC through a web form.
    Submitted the additional kit along with the spousal information and her Medicals on the May 14, 2019.
    Its been dead silence since then, ofcourse there's a UCI number issued to my wife, but no progress on file since then.
    It's been over 2.5 months....

    I've written emails to the NDVO where my file is getting processed however nothing from them.
    What's the advise that you can give.
  14. Answered several times. Don't post the same thing across multiple threads.

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