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About to apply FSE Visa

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by theguv, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Howdy chaps and chappettes.

    I'm about to start the application process for Fed Self Employed Visa (don't worry, I know the processing time is loooooooooooong and there are other ways in but having explored all the options I can I'm either too old for most of them or will never get a job offer from overseas ahead of getting the visa) and I was wondering if anyone close to the system who may be on these forums might have heard if there are any changes looming for the Visa Route?

    It's been relatively unchanged for years so I don't want to start and find that I've picked the very moment that some enterprising politico decides to make it their mission to ruin this route!
  2. At this time there's no news about this program changing. Program changes most often happen when a new party takes over at the federal level. This may happen in the fall.
  3. Thank you, I'm crossing my fingers that the expected change of Leadership doesn't screw this up! :)
  4. Just a quick follow up chaps, I've heard recently that quite a few FSE visa apps have been refused because the assessing officers are now seeking a detailed business plan to accompany the application. Anyone else heard this? Does this sound like an excuse that the officers might be using to kick back undesirables?

    I've never written a business plan, my plan for my current business was essentially: ask for work, turn up, do work, be nice to people and get more work... Seems to have worked!

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