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about the new requirement of the Language skill

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by 4mfamily, May 20, 2013.

  1. Hi! all,
    I know now when you apply the citizenship, you need to meet the langauge requirement, any of the following:-

    •The results of a CIC-approved third-party test; or
    •Transcripts or a diploma from a secondary or post-secondary education in English or French, in Canada or abroad; or
    •Evidence of achieving Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB)/Niveau de compétence linguistique canadien (NCLC) level 4 or higher in certain government-funded language training programs

    ** anyone know for the diploma abroad, is it recongize my Univeristy degree of University of Australia?
    coz meantime I am taking french NCLC level 4 , but it hasn't yet finished.. so I am not sure if I have to wait for it or I can just apply with ny transcripts from the University of Australia.

  2. No sorry to say this but u need to have it from canada only. thats a stupid answer from me but thats the way the CIC is working these days.
    I know some UK Citizen lived in vancouver for 20 years who went to school in UK was asked to take the test which was more stupid.
  3. But it doesn't say that it has to be from Canada. It says "Transcripts or a diploma from a secondary or post-secondary education in English or French, in Canada or abroad".

  4. I understand that it sounds confusing, but sometimes it just does not work. I would try to contact CIC on this matter, as sure nobody wants their application to be returned and time wasted.
  5. Well CIC is very unpredictable ,but I believe if they are not going by their own "official instuctions" ,the whole process will be in huge mess .Besides,applicants will be baffled ,what to believe and what not to ::) ::)
  6. Based on what did you make this statement? Facts or just your gut feeling?


  7. I agree .CIC is definitely confusing ... Let me tell you why. If a person has migrated to canada taking IELTS and proving his language ability and entered canada ,why should he take the test again while applying for citizenship? This is nothing but Bureaucracy.

    Makes no sense for me.
  8. CIC accepts IELTS used when anyone applied for immigration to Canada
  9. .I copied the following from the CIC citizenship web, but it says if you have the proof of completion of a secondary or post -secondary education in canada, in French or English or aboard, so I think the Bachaler degree is recognized as it is all in English from my univeristy of Australia. anyone has the experience, please advise.

    ////// Proof of completion of a secondary or post-secondary education program in French or English, in Canada or abroad, such as:
    •A transcript, diploma or certificate from a secondary school; or
    •A transcript, diploma, certificate or degree from a post-secondary school

    Note: When these documents are provided, the applicant must have successfully completed a secondary or post-secondary program in English or French. A single course done in English or French does not meet the requirement.
  10. You don't have to write IELTS again if you already wrote one for your PR application. You can use that IELTS score for your citizenship application even if your IELTS score is expired.

  11. thanks , but we didn`t submit any English test when we applied PR .. we were provincal norminate.
  12. When did this language skill requirement started? I have test in 2 days, do i need to bring any proof with me? or is it only for the people applying now?
  13. You dont need to worry about it.This new requirement came into effect only on 1st November 2012.Its valid only for applicants applying on/after the aforementioned date.
  14. fortunately The language evidence submitted with my application is acceptable.it was A transcript, diploma and statement from the university as Proof of completion of post-secondary education program in English abroad ;D. my application is incomplete though. :(
  15. In that cass you will have to pass the test.

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