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6-Months Distance Postgraduate Certificate from U.K for (Two or more certificates diplomas or degree

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Ali Ak, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I really appreciate your all responses. Thank you for your help. I would like to ask you something that I really need to know.

    · I am holding 4 years bachelor’s degree now I got my WES assessment and it says it is a Bachelor (4-years degree). There is no problem.

    · In January 2019, I’ve started to distance learning Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire in U.K and institution has WES recognition.

    · However, after studying 1 semester as 6 months (in June 2019), I will get distance Postgraduate Certificate from there.

    My question is that if I get distance Postgraduate Certificate (1 Semester and 6 months education period will be finished June 2019) and send to WES for ECA evaluation, will Wes accept it as Postgraduate Certificate of Canadian Equivalency and will I claim to get extra points from “Two or more certificates diplomas or degrees. one must be for a program of three or more years” education section?

    Because as I searched, some people say that any postgraduate education such as a postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, the master’s degree should be at least 1 year. However, others say that there is no such compulsory that postgraduate educations should be at least 1-year education.

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  2. Please guys any answer is welcomed
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  3. But why would you want to stop with one semester when you could get a masters? That adds more weight to your CRS score. 7 points will be very crucial now that CRS average are pretty high
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  4. Because sir now I have 429 points with a bachelor degree without a sibling points and it is not enough. However, my brother will be in Canada as pr holder in August and I will claim sibling points. Also if I can get "Two or more..." qualification due to a 6-months postgraduate certificate in September with sibling points, I will get 451 points which are fine for passing threshold so that I don't want to wait for 1 more year to finish the Master. Furthermore, after getting a postgraduate certificate and getting pr, I will return diploma to the university and be able to continue my master education. Therefore, it is very important for me whether WES accept 6-months Postgraduate certificates as Two or more diploma.... section. If you know any knowledge for my situation to help, will be really appreciated
  5. In that case I wouldn't recommend WES since you are most definitely getting one semester evaluation. So I would suggest you go for IQAS, it may take a long time to get your ECA but there is a 50-50 chance you may get positive evaluation

    As per IQAS, 6 month PG certificates from UK are evaluated as 'Completion of Postgraduate Certificate'
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  6. I really appreciate for your help sir. I read some post regarding IQAS. As you said, it is a too long process but it worths. I got a WES assessment for my Bachelor (4 years) last week.

    After awarding my PG Cert from U.K, Will it be a problem for me to apply IQAS with my Bachelor+PG Certificate or just PG Certificate and just PG Certificate is application enough to be qualified "Two or more diploma" education section and I will have WES assessment (4-years) and IQAS assessment(Bachelor 4 years+ PG Cert) is it problem for me as granted both assessments or will I have to cancel WES after getting IQAS?
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  7. I would suggest sending your Bachelors along to IQAS and get them evaluated. Might have a better chance to get a positive evaluation.

    There will be no problem for having two different assessments
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  8. Thank you for your response, Sir. Please forgive me for my concern. May I ask you lastly 1 more question? I will be really appreciated if you help me. As I searched IQAS takes at least 5-6 months and WES takes 1.5 months (from my experience), so if I continue my study, both cases will be finished approximately at the same time. My question is that

    If I study 1 more semester (total will be 2 semesters) and get Postgraduate Diploma from my U.K university, will Wes accept my Postgraduate Diploma as 1-year postgraduate diploma and will I claim extra points from Two or more diploma.... education section. Also as you know, in U.K, 1-year education period contains 3 semesters and I will study semester 1 and semester 3 because semester 2 is break semester fro my university in which no courses are taken within this interval. That's why I will be a student for a year after I enrolled in school, so is it enough for my qualification to claim extra points from Two or more diploma.... education section.
  9. It is very difficult to predict WES. Generally, 2 semesters is considered as 1 academic year in Canada.

    Even I got a 1 year PG diploma from UK. Technically, it is a 1 year program and you only study for 2 semesters and it was evaluated as 1 semester diploma.

    If money is not an issue then, I would say send your PG certificate and bachelor's to IQAS and continue with your diploma. Hopefully, by 6 months you should know about your IQAS result. If you got a positive result then YAY no harm done. If not, you can still have your PG diploma sent to WES.

    Now as per the cases I have read about IQAS, I'm sure you will get a positive evaluation from IQAS for your UK PG Diploma. So you could try IQAS once again!! I understand it's a long painful wait but it's worth it for PR!!

    Choice is yours good luck!!
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  10. hello,
    Please can i evaluate my Postgraduate Certificate from UK alone and get points for two or more certificates without evaluating my 4 year bachelor degree ??
    sorry to take you back if this question has been answered before, i just need clarity. Thank you so much
  11. No. You will need to send both to get positive evaluation for two or more certificates.

    If you send just PG certificate you are only getting evaluation for one credential.
  12. Thanks alot i really appreciate

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