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3 months health insurance when landing

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by mattjp1, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Good morning everyone,

    I will be landing late March and wondering what kind of health insurances people take for the first three months. If someone has a recommendation based on cost/coverage, I would appreciate.

    Also, apparently community health centers provide medical assistance to those waiting for the Ontario health card. Is that a common practice?
    I mean in this case doesn't it suffice for a three months period? I understand it is a bit more risky though.

  2. Best to buy travel insurance, to cover the first three months at least. Would be no fun starting your new life in Canada with a huge medical bill.
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  3. He might be onto something. I did some googling and found that there are few community health center that provide free services to uninsured.
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  4. Well I was surprised to see that, in this case it reduces the need to get an insurance.

    Doesn't erase the risk though, so I'm looking at short-term insurances.

    Silly question but is it best to buy the insurance where I live now or once I land?
  5. OK if I understand correctly, these 3 months medical insurance are just emergency packages? Apparently, I'll have to pay any "regular doctor visit" (like a cold) since it isn't insured (which a community health center might assist with.
  6. Do you have any link for this?
  7. Apparently yes.

    So the insurance would be useful in case of emergency only. I checked online and roughly it's 200 CAD to cover for 3 months, up to 50k. Problem is that in case of emergency, I suspect 50k is definitely not enough. Best chose a more expensive plan then.
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  8. My experience is that you will be able to get help if you need it, even if uninsured. This is Canada NOT USA. HOWEVER. You will be expected to pay for it if uninsured. Major emergencies is what you are concerned about. Suggest you buy your travel insurance from your home country. Also buy your plane tickets with you credit card. Some credit cards include travel insurance in their service offerings. Might be worth checking that out as well as a backup at least.
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  9. Thanks for the tip, I didn't think at checking the travel insurance on the credit card. My situation is (never) straight forward though: I don't live in my home country and will visit two countries before landing in March. I booked my flights with my current credit card, which will the bank will ask back when I leave the country where I live now.

    Well I guess I will go with the basic package and buy online from a Canada based company. It might be easier in the future to process claims than if the insurance was contracted in another country (just a guess).

    Thank you both for taking the time to reply.
  10. Many "travel insurance" packages that come with credit card use etc require that you are returning to your origin. You should be VERY careful to read ALL the small print. It's probably best to get a package from a Canadian source, as it will make things a lot easier if you need to claim.

    Check out https://settlement.org/ontario/health/ohip-and-health-insurance/private-insurance/where-can-i-buy-private-health-insurance-for-newcomers-and-visitors-to-canada/
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  11. Thanks - already came through this link, this is where I got to know about the community health centers.

    You are right, I think a Canada based company is the best option here.
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