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2x DENIED Transit Visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by opaquepaladin27, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Hey ,

    Although way to late now as the ticket for my flight is for tomorrow (Wednesday) . I am writing here to get some clues to why my transit visa through Canada as been denied twice.

    To keep it short and sweet , my family have all planned a trip to go to Barbados for a wedding and holiday .i live in the uk and have a residence permit leave to remain in the country biometrics ID , i have a Nigerian passport so i do not need a visa to enter Barbados, the ticket that was booked for me required me to transit through Canada to Barbados the following morning. soo i applied for a transit visa online providing everything asked for.

    my first application was denied because they feel i will not leave Canada after my stay (absurd) for the following reasons

    "Travel History"
    "Immigration status in country of residence"
    "personal assets and financial status"

    Due to the holiday quickly approaching I went to the visa application centre in London, i thought maybe i could get some help there and they could tell me where i went wrong , because I it is very baffling as to why i have been rejected to stay at the airport for less than 24 hours to catch a plane to Barbados because of the reasons stated above, which shows that they did not really read my application as i provided mt biometrics and immigration status which where all legal and also i am 19 years of age what possible assets could the expect me to have .

    at the application centre, they weren't much help either basically filled out the same application this time with more supporting evidence such as my university admission letter and bank statement . and paid a processing fee for using the application centre which the staffs where very rude at one point after i asked him why it says processing time is 48 hours and you are telling me 11 days he then replied do you want me to cancel the application and refund your money, which i stated that the receipt clearly says no refund so what you are going to do will be illegal. long story short he was bluffing and then marked my application as urgent.

    3 days later i received the reply for my second application, i was very optimistic as i believed that the reason the response as soo quick is that they realised there mistake in denying my first application

    second applicaiton rejected again this time they removed "immigration status in country of residence" which i provided exactly the same evidence for as the first application and they added "current employment situation" which i proved to them im a student with a part time job as a bar tender with my employees details , so i do not see where the situation lies.
    "i am not satisfied that you have sufficient funds , including income or assets , to carry out your stated purpose in going to Canada or to maintain yourself while in Canada and to effect your departure" this is completely absurd as i provided my bank statement showing a sum of £5,708 in my Santander account , are they saying that is not enough to stay less that 24 hours in Canada? it is also funny they bring the issue of funds whilst in Canada in second application and not first where i didn't provide a bank statement as it was not asked for.

    sorry for the not so perfect draft, i was in a hurry to write this.

    can anyone please let me know where i went wrong?
  2. Unfortunately you have several things working against you that likely contributed to your refusal.

    The biggest issue is most likely the passport you hold. Unfortunately it's difficult for individuals who hold your country's passport to secure visitor/transit visa approvals due to the high number of past visitors from that country who have abused their visitor priviledges to Canada in the past. Yes - I know this all sounds very unfair, but you are in fact being judged based on the past actions of others. Other factors working against you are your age (the younger someone is the fewer real ties they typically have to their country of residence / home country) and the fact you only have temporary status in the UK. Unfortunately CIC won't regard a part time bartender job as a very strong employment situation. If you were several years older and had been working for a number of years full time for a large corporation, that would be different. It would also be different if let's say you owned property under your name in the UK or let's say had a family there (i.e. spouse, children) - and you were the only one making this trip. That's what CIC is looking for when it comes to strong ties.

    Long story short, you're being punished for the actions of past visa violators. Too many people with profiles someone similar to yours haven't followed the rules in the past. That's the honest truth.

    Sorry you missed the trip.
  3. It looks like you are bent on transiting through canada. Why not look for direct flights ?

    I know Virgin Atlantic flies from Gatwick to Barbados, except there are changes now
  4. I'm not a consultant or immigration lawyer and don't offer advice privately. If you have a question, please post it to the forum.
  5. That was a little harsh.
  6. Not sure I see why - but it wasn't meant to be. It's a factual statement. It's actually illegal to provide immigration advice privately without being licensed. I'm also not a fan of providing private advice since no one else sees it apart from the person who requested it. Posting on the forum allows others to correct me if I've said something wrong. It also allows others who may have the same question to benefit from answers posted.
  7. has a point
  8. If we go by all the rights , it is then questionable as to why canada visa forum created a space for a private message.

    I'm not disputing your opinion, but there could have been better ways of conveying it.
  9. Thank you very much! i only wish they had the guts to have just said that lol!
  10. I can't imagine a "better" way of saying it. Think you're just sensitive.

    I wish this Canada Visa forum offered the option to individual users to turn off private messaging, like all other forums.
  11. It wasn't at all harsh. Scylla was quite polite in her response.
  12. I presented transit visa application on the dated 04/10/2017. But with the letter dated 16/10/2017 the officer notify me that he rejects temporary Canada residence permission. At the time my application was for the purpose of transit visa through Canada to Dominican Republic.
    Know the Honourable visa officer reject my application. If there was anything which required me to fulfil and I didn’t full fill I am fully agree with the decision of officer. I respect his decision. But I have some misunderstanding regarding the issuance letter and hereby I am going to request clarification .
    My original application was transit visa. For this purpose I have paid for the category of transit visa . Not with standing that it that you look at the application as if I request resident permission? I couldn’t understand.
    Beside that I have present documents regarding family marriage and my children’s birth date. Beside that I have also attached any documents which might important for supporting my application.
    Therefore, I applied Canada transit visa not Canada temporary residence permission.
    At the time documents which were attached with my passport
    - Four months bank statement with the letter
    - Me and my wife’s marriage certificate
    - Me and my wife’s birth certificate
    - My children’s birth certificate
    - Round Air ticket from Ethiopia to Dubai – from Dubai to Dominic republic via Canada.
    - Ownership certificate of vehicles
    - Business license
    I have attached all the aforementioned documents that it is required for the request of transit visa.
    In general the letter which issued by the officer is not completely related with my application.
    My question is now I was applied for Airport Transit visa not for Temporary Resident visa but the officer stated in the letter that he is not satisfied by two reasons 1. purpose of visit
    2. family ties in Canada and in my country of residence
    why not the officer stated in the letter my application is for Airport transit he ha been stated that my application for Temporary resident visa to Canada
    any one help me because i get confused for my transit visa
    I am sorry for my poor writing but hope you will understand what I want to say
  13. Canada issues TRVs (temporary resident visas) for both visitor and transit purposes. That's why the refusal mentions a temporary resident visa (not specifically a transit visa). So the letter you received is correct.

    Purpose of visit means the officer has concerns you may have plans on using the TRV to attempt to remain in Canada long term. Typically this means you haven't demonstrated strong enough ties to your home country or country of residency.

    What's your citizenship? Are you permanent or temporary residents in Dubai?
  14. ok thanks for your swift replay
    no i am not UAE citizenship
  15. please would you tell me the difference between transit visa requirements and temporary visa requirements? are the requirements the same for both? since i was applied for airport transit visa for short lay over about 2 hours I still get confused

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