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2nd time entry to canada with PR Card

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by cool_eagle, May 18, 2019.

  1. dear all!

    i intend to travel to toronto in very near future from my home country for the 2nd time for permanent relocation, after a gap of about 1.5 year. About 1.5 year earlier i did a soft landing of about 1 week (immediately within one month of having COPR )

    According to my understanding, i need to keep following documentss handy for staff at toronto airport,
    1) PR card
    2) passport
    3) Goods to follow list

    Please let me know if any other documents are required ? Also let me know what other type of questions can i expect from the staff ? or will the gap of 1.5 years will cause any problem to me entry to the canada ?

    Thanks a lot
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    Others can comment as well but no reason to expect anything special other than maybe anything to declare and how long you been away much same as anybody clearing CBSA. On other hand may get asked nothing much at all if PR card and passport are in order.

    Being 18 months away is nothing given could be away for near 3 years since initial landing before could be an issue and many people do a soft landing then come back later after sorting out home affairs, these days almost a given.

    As a PR as sure you know you are entitled to enter Canada regardless of how long been away, just becomes an issue if the residency obligation (2 years out of 5) not met, still entitled to enter but may may lose PR status at some point post entry subject to appeal.

    Note no need to post the same question more than once in different threads.
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  3. Thanks a lot for a reply.
    Sorry a lot for duplicate postingl

    I mean, is there no requirement for them to check the validity of my claims.....e.g. inquiring about my final experience certificate from employer to ascertain that i am moving permanently now ; or is there any need of proof of funds ; etc.

    thanking in anticipating.

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