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2018 January applicants for PR (paper-based)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by leolea, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. congrats to you too bud!
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  2. Jan 29 still nothing
    No extension
    No G updates
  4. Is it PPR rain today?

    Haha finally I got PPR this morning, I knew it!
    PPR should come after 1 week of Medical Extension and right after Decision Made :)

    MPNP single inland applicant
    AR - January 29, 2018
    Medical Request - June 2018
    Medical Passed - June 2018
    Pre Arrival Letter - August 2018
    1st Ghost Update - June 13, 2019
    2nd Ghost Update - June 25, 2019
    3rd Ghost Update - July 8, 2019 (Medical Extension)
    Decision Made - July 12, 2019
    PPR - July 15, 2019

    Almost 18 months of wait, and lots of anxiety and sleepless night. The system is definitely not fair, and has a lot to improve.
    Good luck to all!
  5. congrats....I'm so glad that I didn't rush to much with my application. Early 2018 applicants were treated terribly by CIC. But it paid off at the end. Enjoy, lets hope getting citizenship will be easier for you.
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  6. Got ppr today!!
    I have a question from where I can have my Annex A form ??
    Because In email it’s just annex A form and I am unable to click on it .
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  7. I copied and pasted the Annex A from the email, then printed out
  8. They told me it takes max month for medical extension nd pasport req come after it got extended

    Mine got expired 3 days ago nd i had submited 3 months ago and they did not got results that time, then now cic hve results but they dint updated online
  9. Maybe something tomorrow for me
  10. Maybe something new for me too tomorrow
  11. Got PPR today morning at 6(Winnipeg)!!!
    AR- February 05,2018
    MR- June 19,2018
    Additional documents-June 19(which I completely missed)
    MP- July 16,2018
    Additional documents(same as above)- October 15,2018
    Pre arrival-October 16,2018
    Security pass-June 18,2019
    Medical extend request- July 3,2019
    Medical extended - July 10-12,2019
    Call center agent said application approved July 12,019
    DM& PPR-July 15, 2019

    People with AR from late 2018 or early 2019
    Stop watching threads regularly without any reason, application processing is gonna take its natural course if you are lucky you will get it faster than processing time if not you will definitely get it before processing time.

    I wish I didn’t waste time getting anxious and impatient.

    All's Well That Ends Well. We are all deserving people and I wish all of us can make better life for us, for our loved ones and our community

    Best of luck!!!
  12. Hi guys, I just completed my landing today at Point Robert's in BC. Good luck to everyone on this forum. I couldn't have done this without you :)
  13. How long does the eligibility check take to be completed.
  14. AR: 21/Nov/2018
    AOR: 15/Feb/2019
    MR: 14/May/2019
    MEP: 01/Jun/2019

    OINP - PNP Paper Based

    Still waiting on Criminality (Background check) since Feb 2018. No updates, no ghost updates so far. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?!?!?!?!?!
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  15. Which month candidates getting PPR

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