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    SIN number - Changing from Temporary to Permanent

    I would like to point out as there is a lot of misinformation on this thread. Your temporary SIN will never expire despite what people say. Because SINs don't have expire like people think that number is personal to you and will never be given out again to somebody else. I know this because of...
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    That is too fast you are weighing the odds in your favor of it not coming on time.
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    Leaving Canada and returning with no PR card?

    It's ok I told my company and they booked flights into Windsor Ontario and we will drive across the border to Detroit. It was too much of a risky business like you describe gambling in the chance its not cancelled. Although I would like to add anybody who got past the airline got in no problem...
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    Leaving Canada and returning with no PR card?

    Thats not true it says elsewhere in other forums the ETA remains valid for months after status change until CIC's system does a sweep and deactivates it. As I'm only flying 7 weeks I don't think they will have cancelled the ETA that fast I haven't even changed my status yet.
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    Leaving Canada and returning with no PR card?

    So if my ETA is still valid I will be good and able to fly?
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    Leaving Canada and returning with no PR card?

    I may be doing so as no direct flights to our destination Detroit we will probably flying in to London Ontario and driving across the land border. So what is the difference?
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    Leaving Canada and returning with no PR card?

    Hello I have recieved my COPR but I have training in the United States in 7 weeks. I have a work permit valid until November 2019. If I change my status to PR before I go on training will I lose my work permit? Then when i go on training if I don't have my PR card what would happen? Can I show...
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    CEC - September 2018 AOR

    Got the email for sending passport copies yesterday and sent the documents today. Awaiting COPR now. Finally seems like already a year has passed
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    Suspicious email from case processing centre?

    I got a weird email looks like a scam asking me to send photocopies of my passport and photographs of myself to an address in Ottawa. When I googled the address it is a CIC case processing centre so I am confused. My application status in MyCIC is still in progress it still says they are...
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    They will just access your case. I actually emailed the Minister for CIC just saying how the immigration system is so non transparent and he just looked into my case and told me information I already knew that I was in review. Well his secretary probably did anyway so not really worth wasting...
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    It's been 8 months since I got my AOR. Still in eligibility review. Can't get GCMS as keeps saying my signature is invalid. I am not bothered if they reject my application I am done with the government in this country. Government already audited my taxes on the second year of being in Canada...
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    CEC - September 2018 AOR

    Haha yes I am. Do you watch them?
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    A few questions about my Employment Records for CEC

    1) Yes you can but list the NOC code duties aswell not just the NOC code. 2) Depends on your job thats very hard to assess on the limited information provided. 3) If its not counting towards your points then don't mention it. If it is then mention it and provide a letter of explanation...
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    Review required, advise please.

    Thanks I am going to right a letter and submit it also explaining. Our bridging work permit is valid until November so hopefully it pulls through before then I am over 7 months and waiting now. I also have an immigration specialist looking into the case.
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    Job offer for LMIA exemption work

    I am really sorry but I cannot understand what you are trying to stay. If it asks a question do you have a valid job offer? You must have an LMIA exception code or an LMIA to make it valid. As you are saying about LMIA exception for your job you need to check this with an immigration lawyer...