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    10 months after meds and.... YES! I"M HOLDING MY CPR/VISA!

    Yes, I probably lost a few years stressing but after a long wait and a few last minute hurdles, I have my visa! Everything is in order and I'll be living to Canada in 2 weeks. Good luck to everyone! Now it's a matter of passing the final question the officer asks at the port of entry... "who...
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    how long after meds

    nop, I applied through Caracas.
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    how long after meds

    Your timing looks like mine... I did my medicals July 07 as well. As you've probably read, for most people it takes a couple of months; for others it takes longer. Medicals are valid for a year, so it is very likely they will contact you soon, before July this year. Hopefully it will be to...
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    Can a legal representative go to the embassy and get the visa stamp?

    Thanks Mike :) Hopefully I will soon ask my brother for the favour :)
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    How long after the medical results?

    Hey mike, abbey, thanks for the nice wishes :) They didn't specify which email they were responding. Then again, all the emails and faxes I sent were pretty much the same. I think it was a matter of time regardless of my attempts to contact them, when the time came, they contacted me. By the...
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    Can a legal representative go to the embassy and get the visa stamp?

    Since I am in Japan and I applied through Caracas, I am wondering if I can have my legal representative in Venezuela (my brother) get the visa stamped for me. I would mail him the passport for him to do the deed, and then he mails it back to me. I've heard it is possible, but want to make...
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    How long after the medical results?

    I GOT AN EMAIL!!!! Ok, ok... breeaatheee innnnn.... breaatheee ouuuuttt...... I'm trying to keep my feet to the ground. It won't be over until it's over. But today, after almost 3 emails, 2 faxes, and 8 months since I did my medicals, I got an email from CIC Caracas saying (ahem, ahem): I...
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    my attempts to contact CIC Caracas... the quest

    Ah, thanks PMM, 1. Let us review the email correspondence I have sent. 07, Oct 15 to: - got the "re-" acknowledgement. 08, Jan 31 - filled the form on the website and got the "re-" acknowledgement. No answer yet. 08, Feb 23 to...
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    my attempts to contact CIC Caracas... the quest

    So, considering that, - The hospital sent my medicals 7 months ago and I still haven't heard from CIC; - In the document they sent me it says that "the process may take up to 18 months" and I'm at month number 19 and have planned accordingly; - I have sent 3 emails in the last 6 months without...
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    How long after the medical results?

    Yeah Mike, CONGRATS! Bon Vogage to le' Canada... I sent an email Feb 24, still no reply... will let everybody know when I get one. Keep us posted with your experience.
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    About Vancouver - It is nice and beautiful, in spring and summer. There are beaches where you can swim in the summer, and mountains where you can ski in the winter. Vancouver has the most expensive real estate in Canada. You might not find it affordable if you have an average amount of money...
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    steps after MEDs & RPRF

    The next documents will get will probably be those of CIC requesting your passport to stamp the visa. Meanwhile, go back to the waiting couch... that's all you can do at the moment.
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    I just sent an email...

    you know, nothing too crazy, just asking if everything was OK. Excuses? 7 mo. after meds, no e-cas update, and it is over the time they said it was going to take in my AOR. ...and for some reason, I'm really hyped about it. I feel I'm 13 y/o and I just asked a pretty girl out over the...
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    whom to believe?

    from what I hear, and I'm sure veteran advisers will weigh in, you should prepare for the longer wait times. Posted timelines are of the cases already processed, whereas the ones you got is an estimate for the ones to be processed. Besides, when it comes to CIC waiting times the old saying...
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    another good place to look at is craigslist montreal craigslists are pretty popular in all mayor north American cities... take a look.