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    Implied status PNP Question

    Hi today i got the PNP Email for human priority stream and my current pgwp is expiring on 21st July. I just read the pnp application requirements.They need the bowp application letter stating IRCC recieved my bowp application.How long it takes to get that letter for bowp submission?
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    OINP Nomination and IELT about to expire

    call pnp ontario number tomorrow just to be sure.
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    OINP Nomination and IELT about to expire

    Primary Applicant needed CLB 7. Which 6,6,6,6 for human capital priority stream.
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    Thread: OINP tech draws - July 9

    Next step create oinp profile :!/ read all these guides to fill details:
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    29 June North America IELTS Discussion

    Did you check here:
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    IELTS July 6th (GT) North America Answers

    Picking area is bike. other answer is water campsite?
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    IELTS July 6th (GT) North America Answers

    Reading more answers : breaking State Law? Buy a domain before internet?
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    IELTS July 6th (GT) North America Answers

    Please post answers for GT north america. Listening: 1.Blue card 2.5.60 4.Winter? doubt if it's correct. 5.Weather. Listening,Responsible, Morality/Socialskills which is correct? I wrote morality. Risk, Responsibility. 39.Remember. 40.Participation Reading: *Each of the same surname cost...
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    IELTS General Training April 06th (North America Countries only)

    Guys i had less time for True,False,NG, So,i just wrote T,F,NG,T,F,NG,T,F,NG i guess it was from 15/16 untill 24 any idea about the order? Thank you
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    IELTS General March 23: North America Countries only

    Please share writing Task 1 & Task 2. my ielts with bc- toronto on april 6th. Thanks
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    April 6th IELTS candidates let's meet here

    IELTS general BC Toronto Canada April 6th.
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    Bls india--pcc doumentation help?

    cgi vancouver
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    2 year working experiences - points added

    Hi jes, Can we travel india and work remotely while waiting for bowp on implies status ?